1. Most likely the wording as it made you seem like terrible choice as a moderater on the first read. Text can be an awful way to get your opinion across sometimes :)

  2. Yeah. I learned English as a second language so I guess it isn't good enough yet, and I will keep learning it my whole life. That's why I try to be cautious and I tend to mediate between conversations by asking questions, even about the obvious. I try to follow the rules proposed for each sub for the same reason, and I don't often use expressions that are considered rude in any language unless the situation allows me to do so in a non-offensive way. As you said, writing to make yourself understood is tricky sometimes. Thanks for the input though.

  3. It's a complicated language as it's the only one I speak and I've still not mastered it, you only need to see the misunderstanding I've had on dating sites to know it happens to the best of us.

  4. Tldr; install ad-blocker so Google Ads won't track & infect your Windows.

  5. This one simple life hack the advertising companies don't want you to know!

  6. The problem is docker doesn’t isolate the guest from the host like a full HVM does. A kernel panic in a QEMU VM probably isn’t going to take the host out. A kernel panic in a docker container will most likely take the host out.

  7. There are pros and cons to both sides, you just picked a pro for using a VM.

  8. He asked for safer, if he was asking for uses less resources, or smallest footprint; I would have went with docker.

  9. I agree with that part maybe I could have explained my reasoning little better to avoid the confusion caused.

  10. Any thoughts on how it will work on one core Intel Atom netbook with 2GB RAM?

  11. It works well for basic system but depending on what you want to do could make it struggle. Firefox will work with 2 to 3 tabs though for an example but most of the GPUs in Atoms don't play nice with YouTube video decoding so use a third party player like minitube to play them and you'll have no problems.

  12. Glad you liked seeing it!~ Yeaa i get it now, this isn't as unknown a thing as I originally thought, there's just so little about people actually doing it thats easily searchable I thought many haven't done it so i stand corrected

  13. There aren't many of us about like there used to be as it's either crazy expensive or old but we all love a new person to help out test things so feel free to join in if you are ever bored.

  14. Thanks, don't know why I didn't just say that myself as it's much faster to explain :)

  15. That's better than my own config so I'll be borrowing that one, thanks!

  16. Those Linux stats look way to high at the start especially as a lot of people faked their user agent in the early 2000s to get sites working so I wonder where they got these figures from. Part of me wonders if they are using "other" as Linux only seeings as there is no BSD systems included.

  17. It was actually a new compilation of the latest version, custom compile for additional base drivers

  18. You are a moron with like an 85 IQ or something and I am a genius so deal with it idiot :

  19. At least I'm smart enough to know I'm an idiot I guess.

  20. Well you know you are an idiot because the vast majority of the time only idiots and morons get upvoted on reddit.

  21. What happened to you then as you should easily be matching me.

  22. Not using distcc and instead using a binhost would be much faster for you than any tweak to a config.

  23. I'd use Gentoo but if you are new to Linux then Linux Mint Mate edition might be a nicer experience for you as a desktop.

  24. Just pick a naming scheme and it's easy, use a show you like if you need an example.

  25. I'm working egypt gods, but still hard to pick one

  26. Is there any way i can test hardware issues on my own? Also, as i said in windows i didn't use to get such freeze

  27. The laptop so I can install Linux on it like you asked.

  28. Honestly you will be fine. I’m willing to bet a lot of people here haven’t used gentoo on “low spec” before (this is absolutely not low spec). To put it in perspective, my thinkpad t410 (a 13 year old laptop) with some dual core i5 and 4G of ram can compile gnome-light in 4-5 hours. Yours will be faster than this. You’ll probably be at a desktop in 6 hours if you do a full emerge @world.

  29. Agreed, my broadwell laptop with 2 cores took me less than 6 hours to go from stage 3 to booting Cinnamon and using Firefox so I'd I give OP no more than a day just because they are learning Gentoo at the same time.

  30. Little bit disappointed this isn't about PlayStation emulation

  31. Yeah, I'm off work sick, so I have time and no other chores I'd have to get out of the house for. And so far, I only completely broke portage once today!

  32. Doesn't happen very often, unfortunately... normally, when I'm off work, I'm also really sick and probably in bed. But right now I'm just supposed to rest and put my feet up, which is kinda like a small holiday at home (at least until the rest of the family invades around 4pm).

  33. I'm only jealous with the broken system to fix part :)

  34. Gentoo will run on less then that so the question is are you OK with waiting a long time for things to compile?

  35. How long would it take to compile? I'm okay with waiting a long time.

  36. It depends on how you want to set your system up really on how long this will take but you could probably get a basic system running in 24 hours if you don't run into any issues while learning.

  37. Forgetting to add your network drivers would become a lot more frustrating.

  38. Ok thanks for the caption, i used ssh because I have a raspberry pi well is time to delete the service.

  39. Does it need ssh to the outside world? You can lock down so only your pc from your network can use it.

  40. Based on that maybe going a class on security would be better so you understand risks and prevention. Security is a lifestyle choice not a switch you turn on unfortunately so at best we can suggest things but without knowing more about you doesn't actually help you.

  41. Why isn't XFCE more popular? Is it just because things trend and keep trending due to echo chambers, or are there reasons?

  42. People pick what they like on Linux not what they are told to like.

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