finding your car with science

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  1. By realizing they're human just like you. They're not some foreign creature that needs to be approached in a certain way so it doesn't maul you. They struggle with the same things you do.

  2. But they kind of are. Like women ARE different, in so many ways.

  3. As someone who has severe social anxiety I can tell you how to get over it. Practice. You don't get social skills automatically. They have to be learned.

  4. Getting over your social anxiety is for chumps! The REAL cool kids spend all their time crying and playing video games and trying to bury their crushing loneliness until their caffeine feuled untimely demise finally ends their misery.

  5. You make a good point that I've pondered many times, and I always seem to end up on the idea that while you would think it would affect their business of selling knives. Reality shows that not to be true to the extent that they can't keep products in stock.

  6. Thank you for the detailed reply! I appreciate you sharing your experience!

  7. You will save significantly by buying on the secondary and those knives often have extra scales. The carbon fiber 3D contoured are amazing. Check out the TRM facebook page for possible sales and what kind of scales are possible. Of course, the Ti scales are awesome but spendy. The facebook group is TiCOONS Really Matter.

  8. I'm not really into crossbar locks either but it was too pretty so i decided to give them a second shot (after seeing that ti pattern!)

  9. Don't worry about that, All the easy placer gold is gone already lol. (the old timers did a good job! What they didn't get - the chinese got. What the Chinese didn't get - the depression era miners got. What the depression miners didn't get - the 60's 70's and 80's miners got with metal detectors... And what the 90's miners didn't get is literally so microscopic that collecting it is not feasible even for a hobbyist....

  10. It was meant to hurt the president who inherited trumps shitstorm and blame the dems again for it.... And then get a republican trump 2.0 next time because of "muh taxes"

  11. The elitist ignorance in this comment is emblematic of a certain type of person. Lord forbid you ever fall on hard times and have to feel the pain lots of people do when they have to give their cash to the government instead of buy a meal for their kids.

  12. Great find! What river is that if you don’t mind sharing?

  13. Haha. I live in the El Dorado foothills, was just curious where he went -Moke, Cosumnes, American…

  14. I'd call american or at least around it ... I am checking foresthill area out myself, TONS of seasonal creeks out there that carry gold, but i haven't found one that has anything super substantial.

  15. Open your eyes instead of acting self righteous, its been here before the “new generations”. Youtube click bait titles, click bait news articles, etc.

  16. It is allowed, just not when you act like its anything new

  17. If you read the original comment it is referring to the NEW generation , as in "that new car" or "that new coat" . I see what you're saying but i was describing the generation and not the attitude.

  18. This would be great if my car's horn wasn't a whisper. I can hardly hear it when I'm within range.

  19. Some cars have a knob inside (sometimes in the glove box area) that can adjust the volume of the beep... At least i know most lexus cars do.

  20. do you realize not everyone on here speaks english? its my third languege, i learned it thru gaming

  21. 4 and learning korean rn. Out of curiosity, what does speaking multiple languages have to do with spell checking words when you type them?

  22. Anyone else feel like the knife community has gotten super weird and somewhat toxic? I was super into knives for awhile and then weird stuff in the community starting happening with different knife makers and just drama on top of drama. Needless to say I sold most of my collection and kept my top five.

  23. Drama in a community made you lose interest in owning collecting and enjoying knives? Are you in the community hobby or the knife hobby?

  24. Because the government is the all knowing and god entity that decides what we common people think is the "right" age! But i get called a pedophile if i say that nature - evolution LITERALLY starts them bleeding from 13 years old which is natures way of saying "time to reproduce" ... Anyways, my point is that if you want to make arbitrary rules about when is "the right time" to start allowing sex for kids you could do a hell of a lot worse than choose what nature dictates.

  25. No offense but drawing from the drop is almost never going to end up going well for you. It takes less than a second for the person pointing a gun at you to pull the trigger, can you draw/aim/shoot in less time than that?

  26. Somebody's been spying on me again! (I knew i should have kept that window shuttered last night !)

  27. If you didn't call to report them how would you live with it?

  28. Because i don't go around trying to find somebody to care for and call an ambulance for? Because when i go somewhere i mind my own business and leave before getting involved with any druggie shit like this? And finally : because NOTHING about not calling to report them would mean that I was behind the wheel of that car and the one in any way shape or form commiting whatever accident you are implying.

  29. Sticking to bad opinions is bad. Your attempt to frame it the way you did makes you look silly.

  30. Are you hearing yourself? You're literally calling OPINIONS bad. Like the stuff people have individual reasons for believing. If you see the world as "opinion ≠ to mine = bad" then honestly i don't see any purpose arguing with ya.

  31. I at LEAST would have drunk some of that while throwing them around... If you're gonna go to jail might AS WELL enjoy yourself to the fullest...

  32. Years ago, I was walking to the train station with my crush. It was a rainy day and I had my umbrella out. Just as I was about to enter the station he says he loves me. When he professed his feelings, I was already in the process of closing my umbrella. In shock I looked at him while still walking and accidentally stepped on a crack / uneven sidewalk and tripped forward nearly falling. I loosened my grip on the umbrella and it popped open sending rain to someone exiting the station. My natural reaction was to nervously laugh which turned into a big snort. After that I couldn’t stop laughing and nearly peed myself. In the matter of 3 seconds I got a love profession, nearly busted my behind, sprayed someone with my umbrella and snorted. I kept apologizing to the person I sprayed while they gave me dagger eyes and my crush looked at me like a lost cause. Needless to say it didn’t work out with him. If we can’t laugh together it’s a pass.

  33. How do you not laugh in that situation? Good call on escaping a robot!

  34. I don't care how many times i hear that, i still chuckle. Does it KILL you to humor somebody who's at least trying to brighten an otherwise dry conversation?

  35. I don't know, maybe ask the dude who said it was. ^ up there somewhere.

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