1. Cool World (2.3โ˜†) (fun cause I also want to watch 23 with Jim Carrey) \ Black and White (2.4โ˜†) \ Samourai Cop (2.5โ˜†) (its rating curb is wild) \ Taken 2 (2.6โ˜†)

  2. Excellent for me ! I decided to watch the classic I never had the time to saw, and what an excellent choice ! So far I've seen 20 :

  3. Rosemary's Baby. The whole movie's great, but really, the scene where Rosemary's totally fine with being raped by her husband during the night, as she was inconscious, scares me a bit

  4. Classic 30s Universal Horror movies. Stuff like Dracula, Frankenstein or The Invisible Man

  5. Sam Raimi ? Like really, Oz wasn't good at all, and I personnaly didn't like Doctor Strange.

  6. Mine's even higher. I actually have the same amount of 3.5โ˜† and 4.5โ˜† ...

  7. Lmao, wasn't expecting any reaction after naming a non english speaking movie lol

  8. Well, I'm french so guess it helped me, but really, it's really an amazing movie

  9. Movies are really the only way to make me cry. It's not like a "strong man" kind of thing (or maybe is it ?), but I just don't cry for things in real life. Anyway, I think everyone's touched in a different way when looking a movie, but for me, the "pride of a father" scenes are really something that make me cry a lot. I found some of those in : โ— Fantastic Mr Fox โ— Itinerary of a Spoiled Child โ— Turning Red

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