1. If your dose is only 12 you should really only press the single shot button

  2. Hm. Based on the several responses that my dose may be off I will try upping it now!

  3. "the sense formerly known as common"

  4. I've already decided to take it to my Dad tomorrow. He knows how to do that sort of thing. Thanks!

  5. I am starting with the same now, sub the dedica. Though I'm producing good shots, your comments have shattered any hope I had of this being a longer term setup.

  6. I had a cheapo from the jungle based online retailer that was doing something similar. When I took it apart, I found a tee was broken in the water lines after the pump. I would guess something like that or the water line popped off somewhere inside.

  7. He looks a little like Johnny Galecki (Leonard from Big Bang/David from Roseanne)

  8. I believe seashells is how Taco Bell won the Fast Food Wars, but it’s not exactly clear.

  9. found it!!!! it has a bunch to do with your jumper added on the 3 pin header. moved to the left it enables the DCDC onboard control for NEOPIXEL!!! fuck i wasted 3 days at least.

  10. Nice find! However, I switched to the klipper firmware shortly after posting this, and all that required was a configuration to tell it to use the pull up resistor for the bltouch.

  11. So it's a 1.21 megaohm resistor... Still not enough to stop Doc Brown.

  12. Isn't this still the boomers' fault? Did anyone have a say in being born?

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