1. Nobody wants to see you keeping everything all neat and clean. Get rid of the garbage bag. Embrace the mess.

  2. LOL. Thats easy to say when you dont have to clean it up but will do.

  3. Im the same way. I hate actually filming women shit because I hate the smell. I just like to watch it come out. I dont want to touch it or smell it.

  4. Have you filmed women shitting? If so, how did you get into that?

  5. I just told her i wanted to film her shitting and I would pay. I dont do this often though. I prefer women send me videos that they shoot themselves. I have had women who I didnt pay do it too. They did it because we were either in a relationship or because they liked me.

  6. I hate when bitches act surprised. We want to see you throw up dumb bitch!

  7. theres sound on my end. Anyone else having this issue

  8. Its on the site shown in the video.

  9. A friend of mine. This is a really old video though.

  10. .....Who made the song playing in the background?

  11. Thank you all for your comments. I learned alot.

  12. I'd be super curious to hear how it makes you feel? Is it a repulsion? Or just a preference? Please let me know. I'm always curious about people that think differently than myself. I've had people that said the same as you "convert" because of my content (please don't look you'll hate it) and I've had people that just hate it no matter what and prefer the poop or snot stuff more. When you see a beautiful women vomit, it makes you see her less pretty or it just makes you feel disgusted? Please let me know.

  13. I like seeing women puke or take big shits.

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