1. People need to realize why they wear the upside down cross. It's not because theyre satanic, they are going for the same type of shock factor like odd future and tyler the creator came up on. i know half you mfs are 14 but tyler and odd future were mad referencing 666 and other horrible things for the SHOCK and attention you get off even saying it. I think in 2-3 years ken, lone,HG, and carti wont be repping it anymore

  2. 43 43 1.9 build and 2.3 edit It’s inconsistent in close range fights and I have a lot of trouble tracking in close range. I don’t think I panic a little but I try to keep my composure when fighting. I’ve been on these settings for quite a while now.

  3. Try lowering your sense by 1 percent until it feels perfect and I recommend same edit and build sense ! Best of luck

  4. because then it feels like one complete sense. Your crosshair placement takes a toll when its higher than the build sense. idk its personal preference but i think keeping them the same is better

  5. I'm getting really sick of seeing these posts. Have you guys ever watched NFL? There are Cinderella stories like this all the time. Think back to when the lowest wild card (NY Giants, and they had a negative point differential) went on the beat the undefeated (16-0) patriots in the super bowl. I rest my case

  6. We will definitely take a wr in the second round unless it doesn’t make sense to.

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