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  2. damn, looks like LATB took it down. from what i remember Yoh Viral and Andy were both up a little over 400k and Persson was down 750k.

  3. I really need to binge this show starting S1

  4. you can start with s2 and be completely fine

  5. Can't fold yet, LJ might have a 5 or pocket 6s and higher and raising to see where they're at. Live low stakes fish see small c-bets as really weak (even though they're fundamentally sound) so he's probably putting you on 2 random broadway cards.

  6. Live poker it's called 1/2, online it's called 200NL

  7. Idk if its the same sub but this was posted before and people explained that the biting hand/wrist is a coping mechanism done by those monkies and its showing that monkey is in distress. He is not reacting to "magic", he is probably scared by the sudden hand movements.

  8. The monkey could just run away from the glass too, he must enjoy it/be somewhat curious still.

  9. you’re right that this isn’t angling but unethical hollywooding happens all the time:

  10. What if the J was a blocker though?

  11. And put your opponent on ace high

  12. I've seen this before, surprisingly both players didn't get it all in on the river.

  13. I agree it looks amazing but I'm hesitant to go there during the winter months

  14. Rather be inside where it's warm

  15. On a flop with 1 high card and 2 low cards I think betting 1/3 pot with your entire range makes sense as the PFR (you can even go as large as 1/2 pot if you think your opponents are very passive, this is a live adjustment and not something the solver would advocate), however you should also be checking back a small frequency for balance. I don't think betting polarized here makes much sense since the strongest hand you'll have is QQ and your opponents should have more 66 and 55 in their range as well as 65s. The rest of your range should consist of a bunch of middling pairs (Jacks, Tens, 9s, 8s, 7s) and ace/king high hands (with the occasional suited connecter as well). Oh and Qx too for top pair.

  16. takes no gambol no future to another level

  17. I really like Ulysses on stone street. Looks like they have a cover band playing tonight ($10 cover though) but they have a semi-large dance room

  18. they once put Shaq as the 9th best center in the history of NBA

  19. yo that was an april fools joke lmao

  20. bet small on this board with your entire 3bet range. $35-$40

  21. one of the reasons you bet is because you want worse hands to call you (hands your opponent could have here that you're ahead of like small pocket pairs or worse Qx). if you bet too big it gives your opponent an easier opportunity to fold those and you don't get any value.

  22. What happened to the vlogs? Gave you a sub when you posted yourself playing Galfond but no real uploads since.

  23. This is an explanation of capped vs Uncapped ranges from poker stars in an article about hand reading:

  24. You're misinterpreting this paragraph, uncapped range refers only to his hole cards and not how strong his hand is with the board. The term you're looking for to describe Bill's hand is range advantage.

  25. Are you referring to that picture that was posted recently? Pretty sure that's from a movie Nick was in.

  26. Yeah they've been around for a long time, they just weren't always on YouTube

  27. I had a whole thing typed out but wanted to ask this first: what do you think V's checking range consists of on this flop? I would think he should be range betting here using 1/3-1/4 sizing at a very high frequency so a check seems confusing (but maybe you have a better idea based on previous hands).

  28. That’s the most confusing aspect of this hand to me. I know in hindsight he has a queen, which surprised me, but i expect ed his entire range to bet this board, so i was very confused by this line

  29. So he did have Qx? Shit I wish you hadn't given the results so early but I will write out what I originally typed anyway.

  30. can't you just take an uber at midnight, why do you have to reply on buses?

  31. I posted that comment 7 years ago lol, back then I was a broke 23 year old. If I lived there now I would definitely take an Uber.

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