Incoming medical students walk out at University of Michigan’s white coat ceremony as the keynote speaker is openly anti-abortion.

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  1. The practice of listing every integer percentage of a number from 0% to 100% is not especially common or useful, so it doesn’t have a name. (Please stop saying “breaking a number down into its percentages”. I have never seen anyone else say this, ever, and it caused a lot of confusion here as to what you were trying to do.) It sounds like you might be thinking of

  2. All I’m trying to do is take a sum of money left over after expenses and distribute it to players and coaches who have a percentage attached to their worth to the team. It’s a hypothetical. Player one is worth one percent, player two is worth thirty, the coach is worth 40, the QB is worth 35%. I guess I will apologize for the confusion but Jesus Christ why is everything like pulling teeth. People are just so fucking angsty

  3. You're not gonna like what I'm about to say, but someone with 20 years of experience, especially working in IT, should not be doing the things that you have mentioned. That's super low-level stuff. That's the sort of thing that I'd expect to see from someone who just graduated from college / university. I've only done like 8 years of IT and I make 150K. I get interview invites via calls or emails literally every other day. The past month, I've had over 20+ calls and probably another 20+ emails for interviews. I went to a few of them to see what they're about, got the offer (for 160K ~ 175K) and rejected them (only because I like my current job and not really keen to move on).

  4. sorry I have ptsd really didn’t want to give my entire mental health history for a question just to explain why I need medicine

  5. Just saying. Plenty of people handle shit like that without drugs. You can do it!

  6. Encouraging you to not use drugs and saying you can do it? Lol. Right. Super rude.

  7. Why is it that when some dudes wear these glasses, it’s all good but when others wear them, it’s mother Fuckin J. dahmer

  8. Yeah I actually got turned onto it via a dried keto snack. “Crisps”. A little pricey but I can’t find rogan meats that are grass fed and finished anywhere near me.

  9. I wish people would understand the supreme court decision better. It's an overreach thing, all they did was "return the power to the states". Now it is up to the citizens of states to go and vote on important issues like these.

  10. Downvotes are from the people who know absolutely nothing about how governmental decisions affect them on a daily basis. Probably the same people who think the war in Ukraine is causing gas prices to rise.

  11. They did it knowing that it would ban abortion in many states. It's a major reason why a few of the current justices were nominated in the first place.

  12. Okay. So again, it's up to the states to do something about it. Midterms are coming up soon. Like, people need to stop being lazy and depending on the government. I don't know why you'd want the supreme court telling you what you can and can't do.

  13. Holy shit this reminded me of this dank burger chain called "Holy Cow!" in Geneva Switzerland. So damn delicious.

  14. I think the blinking towers at the bottom right of the video are just radio towers.

  15. Lol...bottom left...I musta been stoned as hell thinkin about aliens when I saw this.

  16. And yet your comment is by far the most egocentric and detracting of any of them. Get a life

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