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  1. I think it is more normalized to have someone use a piercing needle instead of the piercing gun. Still it is pretty common and safe if you know what you are doing to do it at home with a needle.

  2. Interesting, I think around where I live it's pretty much just the gun for the standard lobe piercings, but it's done at like hair salons and stuff so not technically pros. We did eventually get a piercing and tattooing place open up and they did my daith piercing by hand (but that's a difficult place to get a gun to), so they probably do the common ear piercings by hand too. Thanks for the info!

  3. Correct, a professional will use a piercing need for all piercings. The guns use blunt force. The jewelry is loaded into the gun and forced through the skin.

  4. Yep, a piercing professional at a clean studio with a legit piercing needle. Places with guns do not have the proper sterilization equipment, are typically untrained and generally not in a sterilized in environment.

  5. Sick Of It All is a good band to form that bridge, especially their earlier stuff. Gorilla Biscuits as well

  6. Go to some shows and start making friends. You know they'll be into the music.

  7. You can exercise your fingers and hand with grip strengtheners. D'addario makes some and you can find a bunch of generic ones on the web.

  8. IMO, there is no harm in changing the line up as long as you are in tune, on time and are keeping the rhythm. I would say if you're getting totally gassed after one song you may want to work on your stamina so you can make it through an entire set.

  9. Whoa! This is crazy impressive! I can't even beat it with health and stamina upgrade. You did it none! Well done!

  10. In Darkness You Feel No Regrets is an awesome record!

  11. And the fun part, the original Oldboy is currently out of print for region 1, and there is no way to legally stream it in the US. You either have to have an old physical copy or sail the high seas. Otherwise, you’re stuck with the Thanos version.

  12. I really wish they would do a new print of the OG. I would like to upgrade my copy to blu-ray.

  13. I recently upgraded to a Fender Bassman 300 Pro. I love it. Prior to that I was bi-amping with a Darkglass MV 500 & a Gallien Kruger Backline and a bunch of pedals.

  14. Yes, mostly a science mother or orange ad200 for my electric gigs.

  15. The Mother has been on my radar for a while.

  16. I appreciate the ironic humor of the band I just wish the frontman was better at it. I see less a funny dude playing 5-D chess with my mind and more a hunched over dude looking like he has a couple herniated discs the way he moves all stiff and unenthused waiting to deliver the next “if ___ you’re a bitch” routine.

  17. wrong. You're is a contraction of you are as in You Are a bitch versus your meaning ownership of a bitch.

  18. I don't need basic English lessons. Sunami intentionally uses the wrong form and it's "your a bitch"

  19. The onions aren't biting the puppies, so no, they're poisonous.

  20. IDK, you didn't see that onion jump out and attacked my puppy. Looked poisonous to me when it tried to bite her.

  21. Never give up, never give in! Keep up the good fight!

  22. My Microtubes 500v2 also stopped working this week. I emailed them and they responded overnight. The had some questions about my invoice. I bought it cash second hand so we'll see what happens next but the first response was quick.

  23. I’m glad you’ve had some luck. If you don’t mind me asking, what went wrong with yours?

  24. Darkglass was very helpful and ended up repairing it. I did have to pay for shipping but all in all not that bad.

  25. Mine powered down while playing and won't power back on.

  26. You may not appreciate the style of art but from a technical perspective it looks fairly solid.

  27. Pretty sick song from a new band featuring members of Carnifex and A Black Rose Burial! Slaps hard!

  28. "There is not one truth cast into stone. Only lies cast into flames"

  29. Kind of looks like the font was missing from the original file when they went to print.

  30. I agree. Looks like that to me as well.

  31. It's called session zero LOL. And the rest of the players should have said that they don't want no rated R campaign.

  32. Why is there a nose/trunk/tentacle thing coming out of the chest?

  33. Good luck trying to put a trunk costume over a dog's snout

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