1. They are giving you gifts. My cats prefer to steal and gift me my own hair ties.

  2. Nah. I was unmedicated the full 16 hours I was in labor. I felt everything. I definitely pissed myself multiple times. Ended up needing a c section because I made nearly no progress.

  3. It's a weird movie but I like it. It's a don bluth movie. So a little grungier than most Disney movies. Sort of a weird concept. Also the villain has a coke nail. Not one of his best movies, but I'd still say it's worth a watch. Very 90s. Dinosaurs in New York.

  4. Ah yes. Just like Jesus would. Pretty sure those were his values. Go out of your way to inconvenience anyone who disagrees with you.

  5. Or you could just not give a shit. Works well enough for me. My husband still loves me

  6. Boy howdy this guy would clutch his pearls if he saw me take care of a spider for my husband

  7. It's not for the hamster. It's too catch the eye of a child or a parent who doesn't know or care about the well being of the hamster.

  8. I can not force myself to understand what you wrote. All I can think about is how this cat looks like Dwayne the rock

  9. yea i looked up dwayne johnson cat to find this image

  10. Nah. I think your rules are silly but it's your wedding. Just don't be upset if nobody wants to go.

  11. I went without because I hate feeling numb more than I hate pain. Didn't matter in the end, needed a spinal because after 16 hours of labor Dr said I needed a c section. Hated feeling numb. Hated being cut open. But I have to admit, there was no way I would've been able to push out my 9.2 pound 21.5 inch son.

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