1. Well done, fades like mine was, Just put up a pre-cure smoke report the other day, can’t wait to see what she’s like when cured.

  2. Gorgeous plant, well done! I assume by the title she's grape-y and gassy?

  3. Nothing makes me more mentally erect than knowing I’ll have four snips at a nug and be done

  4. Personally I just goto final container. Ever since I got blumats my autos have been huge. Also im all about doing the least amount of work for quality bud.

  5. Probably just didn't notice that different lines cost different amounts and yes they raised their prices recently once in the last forever.. which they announced

  6. This is more what I was expecting from mine, the purples and pinks in mine are very surprising.

  7. The Superboof I smoked had my favorite orange flavor I've ever smoked loved it. Nice plants!

  8. Looking good growmie, starting to show some of the purple mine is from what I can see.

  9. Yea! Just started a few nights ago! What smells are comin through on your plants? I have a super sweet grape glue type smell right now

  10. Love mine Blumats too! Don’t you get better results if you push the Blumat all the way into the soil more? For better seal? Nice tech deck! Ha

  11. Cone reads moisture so as long as the whole cone has dirt surrounding it, it's good. I just use the turn valve to then adjust how much I want it watering

  12. One of mine has that same super tartness but more of a lime smell. I'm loving this cross so far. Nice job

  13. One has this super pungent lime-e pine smell. And one has a deeper lime citrus smell. Both amazing so far

  14. Can't really run a fair comparison when you're using 2 completely different lights lol.

  15. Both mars hydro ts1000's. Bought one a year before the other. One just has a white casing lol.

  16. Ahhh gotcha. I used to run those exact lights. Swapped them out for a big bar style Sonofarm and it blows them away. Nugs are like rocks and ginormous.

  17. The left one got low stress trained for a couple weeks and now my tie came off so I'm letting her go all natural and then I topped the right one once

  18. 3 gallon? I got so many questions … lol I plan on running this next or skystomper

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