1. Gorgeous bike, and you look so happy in that pic, I love it!

  2. Thank you! I have been really loving it, it's hard not to smile like a goon!

  3. Hell yeah, it's doing all the heavy lifting for me here haha.

  4. Awww. Appreciate the mention, @allnewmeow I've been ramping up the editing to get more material out as I've got a backlog. Definitely different than many folks who tend to edit a LOT more than I do. Thank goodness some people appreciate the long-format videos, too. Still haven't hit on the perfect way to attract subscribers. But I'm trying. Here is a Running Adventure playlist

  5. I love your whole channel! Road wine is definitely my favorite but running the old train tracks is a definite close in terms of cinematography and writing.

  6. You've done a wonderful job, I'm very happy for you!

  7. Haha, hey man I was living a pampered life before going to OCS! The militarization process was a major shock to the system. Priors of course went through OCS like it was nothing 😂

  8. Wow you look great!! I’ve been wanting to do keto but it seems so hard since food and mainly junk is so good. What did you do to fight off hunger and 30g of carbs seems so little what did you eat when you were still hungry?

  9. This is a really important question, I am going to try my best to answer it. Snacking was the reason I was fat. I didn't eat exclusively junk food, I just ate too much food generally.

  10. Love it, can't wait to hear more from these dudes, they're the stars of the local scene ⭐⭐⭐

  11. I'm having the same issue, my specs are the same except an older i7

  12. Woah nelly, was it the warm glass/cold liquid effect? Can't imagine anyone saw that coming.

  13. Nah it wasn't the cold to hot effect, the glass had been sitting in the cabinet previously. It really was a bizarre situation.

  14. I swear it sounds like something you'd see in a sitcom.

  15. I've played about 15 games of TI3 over the years, but have yet to play TI4. A TI game at minimum will take about an hour to set up, 6 hours to play, and maybe 20-30 minutes on clean up. It can go longer or shorter based on rule variation. For instance, the long war option will add at least 4 hours to the game(my group has vowed NEVER again). Whereas Simulated Early Turns can shave off nearly an hour or two (we always play with this these days).

  16. You can end the debate by finding and linking a console hack in a PM. It shouldn't be hard if you're suggesting this:

  17. Are you serious? Perhaps you don't like the aesthetic but they're masterfully painted and you're an idiot if you think otherwise.

  18. Are you colorblind or do you only see in vague blobs? Because your eyes might seriously need checking. My two year old Corgi could do better than this with her left paw. And she's even stupid for a Corgi. Self reflection might go a long way towards improving your taste in painted minis.

  19. You are a bitter person, hope you get the help you need someday .

  20. Are you going to do them as orks with some Khorne colors, or will you go fully crazy, with looted deamonic weapons and stuff? I had an idea to do that once, this was the result

  21. I think that picture was actually my inspiration haha, isn't that supposed to be The Beast? I think I'm just going to do khorne colors. I've only recently got into painting and building minis so I don't have the confidence for kit bashing.

  22. Haha, awesome! It could have been the beast, but I was actually thinking about this guy and his gang

  23. Oh yeah, that's actually who I meant, I get him and the beast confused. Yeah about 8 months ago I was searching reddit for orks and chaos and saw that haha. My head Canon is my orks think demons are good to fight, and demons are red, therefor if the orks are red they'll be even better at fighting. More chaos orks

  24. Peakers advantage comes from fast peaks, not slow peaks like this.

  25. ilikefork1, PC, CUS, open to moderate, EUS to CUS

  26. how did you get that metallic blue effect? looks nice

  27. I am currently using M-Audio AV40 speakers and a Sennhesier HD 598 for my audio setup. What should I look into getting next? I've heard DAC's are quite useful but I've never quite understood their importance.

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