What’s the best cartoon show of all time ?

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  1. Yeah one of the down sides of being self taught is my technique and finger shapes could use some work, thanks for the advice

  2. Samurai jack, sure the ending was a little disappointing and rushed but it’s like 99% a perfect cartoon

  3. That’s a huge scam, considering it’s a euro I assume u don’t live in the US but here it’s 99.99$ or 96.01€

  4. You are wrong, you will get 75k gold if you buy the full bank. 3x means, like for example you open a chest and it contains 100 gold then in the bank you will get 300 gold.

  5. Oh man I totally misunderstood, I thought if u filled it you got 225k

  6. That looks just right👌🏼 what temp did u cook it on?

  7. 550°, i woulda gone like 900 but I have a regular oven not a pizza oven

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