1. Works for both string “true” and boolean true. Smart if you ask me.

  2. Hardik's 49th should not be forgotten. Only 4 runs and a wicket.

  3. Chasing 262 Babar batted what is required it's just others failed to support him!!

  4. Benefit of the doubt should go to batsman

  5. Umran is not ready. He bowls all over the place. Let him play domestic for a while.

  6. It is. He was number 2 last week. Number 3 this week with Smith and Labuachange on top.

  7. Says he doesn't want to blame anybody and then proceeds to take his name. C'mon Hardik. Expected better from you. You keep these discussions in dressing rooms. Hate me as much as you want, Dhoni and Kholi never called out players publicly.

  8. He is right. India bowl too many of these and lost important matches because of them. I guess during practice they ignore the line and it is showing. Bowlers/bowling coach deserve the blame.

  9. I guess in net practices, they don’t keep an eye on no balls. For every no ball bowled during net practice, 10 situps.

  10. India lost 3-0 against Proteas because they couldn’t buy a wicket in the middle overs. Same will happen here.

  11. The quality of Indian spinners is abysmal. I thought IPL will produce a handful of good spinners. But India is made to rely on Ashwin and Chahal who are ordinary at best in white ball cricket.

  12. Indians, turn off your wifis. Pakistan is gonna come hard at you and rightly so.

  13. Should have retired out when you had the chance. Shaheen will get the openers and expose middle order.

  14. Kohli dropped a dolly to kIcK pAkIstAn oUt. Why did Mo do it?

  15. Cannot get Mo’s drop out of my mind. He was so casual. Stop taking things easy, my man.

  16. Pant HAS to play. Rahul needs to sit out. And for long now. Poor powerplay leads to collapses.

  17. People really think Rizwan is better T20 player than Sky?

  18. Losing to Bangladesh or Zimbabwe is not really out of the question. If Pakistan beat South Africa and India lose one of the next two, it will come to run rate. Important that India don’t lose by much today.

  19. Please, I think I’m at a point in my life where I know George is getting upset.

  20. Oh yeah? Well the jerk store called, they are running out of you.

  21. This is beautiful. I have the same issue, 1-2 characters don’t do it for me. Thanks for making this.

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