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Liyue vs Inazuma in basketball

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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. I thought being on her own sub was the safest place to be around?

  2. For other characters. For Yae it's the other way around lol

  3. Who is equivalent to who in this case?

  4. Hello, what kind of keycap is that?

  5. And I assume this particular keycap can work with it too right? I'm planning to get Akko Lavender

  6. Yes, the keycaps will work with any Cherry MX style switches.

  7. Another thing, this keyboard can use both 3 pin AND 5 pin isn't it?

  8. They don't allow aftermath footage too AFAIK since it's in the sub rule

  9. Aku dah pernah try tteokbokki tu, tak sedap wei. Cuma rasa pedas ja and aku takleh habiskan sebab memang tak sedap bukan sebab kenyang. Last2 taknak membazir goreng la telur pastu makan sekali. Sedap jugak la lepas letak telur goreng tu..

  10. Bruh same. Tgk dkt YouTube damn mcm best je. Expect mcm sausage la skit rase dia (sausage murah jual kat sekolah) cuma xde la rase ayam. Bila try

  11. So selama ni kau ingat ni sosej dan bukan benda yang diperbuat dari beras 🤨

  12. The chances of Putin staying above 98 degrees Celcius or so decrease dramatically as nuclear tensions escalate. Russian nuclear doctrine dictates Putin alone can not push the button, he needs consensus from the Generals.... who have eggs in other baskets elsewhere. A singular nuke, even a small tactical nuke means all bets are off and shits going down. Everyone knows this, it's not going to be a surprise. Back channel communication has been ongoing to the Kremlin letting them know what a world of hurt they will find themselves in if they decide on even the smallest nuclear weapon.

  13. From my personal opinion: I've never seen a good live action adaption of a manga from either Japanese or American studios, especially for horror.

  14. I honestly don't know what kind of team should I go with Nahida soon

  15. All this time I never mind the talking because usually I can learned something useful or at least some life lessons

  16. More Nearl comic is always welcome

  17. The only reason I won't forget her is due to that one fan artist on Twitter always making Shenhe & Yelan fan comics

  18. Can I know the character name on Solo Leveling cover?

  19. Wow she looks even hotter on the left. Mostly due to my preference of bodysuit (means more skin covered)

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