1. Im gonna start a new thing. Just give me your money.

  2. Got damn this comment thread is really something. Buncha fuckin legal experts in here huh?

  3. Your phone is almost finished, don’t stop

  4. Smoking a blunt every 20 minutes 18 hours a day sounds miserable. Even if you didn't get high at all after a while, that's just a damn inconvenient way to live. Not to mention going through 4-6oz a day. Even if you grow it yourself, that means doing everything needed to produce over a 100lbs of smokable weed a year. I don't know that you would have time to do that, what with the constant chain smoking they would need to be doing.

  5. I didn’t upvote this because it’s at 420

  6. CEO of yahoo mail is not available at all today so I don’t know what to do

  7. One sandwich short of a picnic is an odd way to describe a toddler in the yard eating dirt and throwing a tantrum

  8. It's like she went over to the other teams huddle and is laughing at the play being called.

  9. I just googled Andy to see what became of him after. Apparently, he moved to England, where he was once convicted of assaulting and harassing his ex partner with revenge porn and died of an overdose a couple of years ago. He was only 46.

  10. Normally I hate Andy, but in this case I’ll make an exception

  11. America's system got serious issues too but serial offenders who keep doing it again and again need to be locked away for good

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