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  1. I think it just depends. Most of the time (keyword most here) racism towards other races gets downvoted to oblivion but as soon as it's about MENA everyone is jumping in to agree. Or China lol. But that's one country vs. an entire region of the world.

  2. Depends on thr sub you are. I can bet you an arm and a leg that if i made a racist post about France and french people in this sub people would upvote and cheer my post, while they would downvote anyone who would dare to stand up for them.

  3. Thank for proving my point my pan-arab brother

  4. Well said. If we stoop down to their level, then what does that make us?

  5. Legally Persian gulf, historically persian gulf.

  6. No nazis want all jews, arabs, iranians ect dead and I'm arab so I can't be a nazi and also there is a giant different between nazis and ba'athists.

  7. Yeah the difference is one are arab supremacists and the others are white supremacists. Big difference.

  8. How do middle eastern people benefit from white privileges?

  9. At this point white privilege is just a myth in America, especially considering how well first generation Africans do in America in comparison to the African-Americans.

  10. I still don't know how can people believe that God doesn't exist.

  11. Also arab nationalists with the anfal campaign

  12. Yes but only non-arabs face systematic racism in the middle east and north Africa.

  13. In your opinion, it may be irrelevant but theologically speaking, identifying oneself as other than a Muslim is potentially sinful, per the Quran.

  14. It is actually sinful to identify as a member of a sect, Per the Quran (Verse 6:159 if interested), which is why I reject "Quranism" and only identify as a Muslim. To each his own, however.

  15. And only quranist say that. It doesn't matter if you reject the lable, it will still apply to you based on the definition and based on your beliefs.

  16. Which event exactly? The banu quraida massacre? The first and second fitna wars? The barbaric conquest of North Africa ? Be specific

  17. Making fun of a historical figures that was the center of a certain religion =/= Making fun of religion

  18. I would agree with you if Muslims didn't believe in the concept of sunnah ( which is that the actions, the traditions and practices of the Islamic prophet Muhammad that constitute a model for Muslims to follow. And that those actions are always moral in every time-line)

  19. The sunni version of her achievements or the shia one ?

  20. May i ask, do moroccans with arab descent face racism from amazaigh or the other way around ? Or y'all chill with each other

  21. Socially Everyone is racist towards Everyone in Morocco. But legally speaking only amazighs suffer from systematic racism, although it's not as bad the 60's to the 90's, or as barbaric as what the kurds and other non-arabs had to endure in the middle east.

  22. I thought you are a sunni, but here you are doubting the Hadiths like a quranist:3

  23. Me: the majority of authentic Hadith indicate that here age was 9 years old when she got married

  24. What discrimination are you talking about? The man took a picture with erdugan a week after erdugan insulted Germany, and a month before the world cup. and his teammates and the German federation were rightfully mad with him about it. And instead of facing up to his actions he started crying racism like a coward. Plus the German FA never kicked him out he resigned from his international duties willingly. Miss me with those fake crocodile tears.

  25. Do you have a khalijis sugar daddy or what? Because that's the only explanation i have for your lies.

  26. Please stop associating black Americans with Africans. Most of us do not behave like primitive Neanderthals.

  27. Religion isn’t a cancer, totalitarian nations are a cancer. Look at nazi Germany for example, they weren’t religious yet they killed over 17 million people. Don’t blame religion when man’s the problem.

  28. Abrahamic religions by nature are totalitarian.

  29. There are some people ( afrocentrists mainly) who see racism only from the systematic lense. And therefore argue that non-white people in the western world specifically can't be racist. Which is kinda stupid to be honest.

  30. Are Baathists supposed to be socialists?

  31. They're like nazis of the middle east.

  32. Neither tbh, because Neither entities should have existed in their current format, but then again that's true for every middle eastern nation.

  33. furiously searching for people advocating the government to censor for Colin kapernick

  34. Didn't trump and some other Republicans suggest to make it illegal to kneel during the national anthem in sporting events 🤔??

  35. One dude alrady shared a link before my comment, but knowing how intellectually lazy your kind, i wouldn't be surprised if you didn't even bother to look it up yourself before replying to me. anyways here you go

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