1. France: still class but a lot of injuries that couldn't come to the World Cup. It's not the same team as in 2018 and I think it shows.

  2. You know how big and impotant football is ?

  3. I don't think you underachieve in recent years. You ended up fourth in World Cup 2018, and second in Euro 2021. It's just your expectation on football is much higher than other sports.

  4. Agree. Your list is quite vague. What’s your budget? Are you renting or buying? Do you mean 30 minutes by PT or car? What’s your vibe? Do you like buzzy cafés and restaurants or a quiet, laid back vibe? What kind of shops - small business indie shops or chain stores?

  5. Budget is 700-900k for a 3-bedroom or a 2 bedroom+study apartment.

  6. Hmm. Newtown with parks would be Fitzroy, Collingwood or Abbotsford, but that budget might be a little tricky for a three bedder.

  7. I love it when I see players enjoying a tournament and having confidence. No matter how unlikely it is, it's always nice just seeing players having that spirit.

  8. Yeah, it's so unlikely they'll beat France in the final. They better accept that they'll end up as Finalist only.

  9. Interesting question and answers. I don't have much more to add, just an almost irrelevant comment on how I would agree with measure to make Judo more popular, but being "commercial" is not at all something to strive for (not saying that it shouldn't be commercially viable or that Judo instructors shouldn't earn a salary).

  10. I'm not suggesting Traditional Judo to be moved away, so the numbers of people still doing it would be the same. The Freestyle/Modern Judo should be created/popularized as another option/branch. I think there will be plenty of formerly-Judo-but-now-doing-BJJ people that will switch back to Judo (doing the freestyle/modern Judo).

  11. i've seen quite a few people just getting Argentina for granted in the semis but like it's still Netherlands

  12. It's as easy as you could ask for at the Ro16 at a WC lol. Even die hard football fan Australians are saying this is one of their worst squads in a while.

  13. Worst squad in attack maybe true, but defensively, Australia are quite strong.

  14. Is this the first time Mexico not qualifying to Round of 16?

  15. I don't think England have ever been beaten by an African (or Asian) side? So it's probably long over due.

  16. But the OP said England have never been beaten by an African side... Which is true

  17. Can I be Ronaldo's agent? I'm happy to take 1 percent agency fee. That's much lower than Jorge Mendes' fee.

  18. I know you are tired of "running" response haha. So I will say something you like.

  19. Not OP, but I'm not sure why you were downvoted. I totally agree to all your points.

  20. If we look at the situation sequentially, maybe this works and all of the techniques are white belt, so very achievable:

  21. While De-Ashi Harai is a relatively simple technique, I find it difficult to execute this on randori, because it needs the timing to be spot on.

  22. As a Liverpool fan, I hate to say it, but Rashford was brilliant against Wales.

  23. I don't side with him at all, but it is kinda weird to ask a goalkeeper to change his style in the middle of a tournament.

  24. That's part of the coach's job. No different to instructing outfield players.

  25. I’d say Germany because a spine of Beckenbauer, Matthaus and Muller is just an utter pisstake

  26. South Korea is unlikely to beat Portugal, so goal differential is unlikely to play any role in Uruguay's path to qualification. Terrible decision, but luckily I don't think it will impact the group at all.

  27. Waiting for France and The Netherlands to join CONCACAF.

  28. Maybe more suitable for Italy and Norway. They won't miss a World Cup this way.

  29. Have people mentioned how de Bruyne looks like Prince Harry’s twin ?

  30. Only because of the hair colour and the beard. If they both shave, they'll look different.

  31. An amazing 'golden' generation wasted...by being managed by fucking Roberto Martínez.

  32. Why do think they're wasted? I thought finishing 3rd in a World Cup was a good achievement for Belgium.

  33. Could Barcelona afford Rodri in the summer now that Busquets is confirmed to leave, De Jong ain’t cutting it in Barca DNA for me. The less said about Kessie the better

  34. If Barca don't want Kessie, we'll be interested. How about a straight swap with Ox?

  35. Japan have Furuhashi (Celtic) that didn't get a call-up, and Asano who was benched until sometime in the second half. Minamino can also play as striker, but also benched. It's their manager's fault.

  36. In 1974, East Germany beat West Germany 1-0 at the opening match.

  37. why? if they lose 0-1 they still advance in many scenarios in the other game

  38. If Saudi beat Mexico, Poland won't advance if they lose.

  39. Just one matchday and the table has turned. Saudi Arabia need to beat Mexico to qualify. Draw (due to goal difference) won't be enough, unless Argentina spank Poland with 4 goals or more.

  40. They haven't looked that good though. We struggle most with pace and pressing. I think we struggle just as much from the others.

  41. The Dutch under Van Gaal play pragmatic football though. Quite similar to England under Southgate. It would be 0-0 after 120 minutes and then penalties if these 2 teams meet each other in Round of 16.

  42. How do you play Vs Wales if you're Southgate. Only need to not lose by 4 goals to go through. Surely you rest players..

  43. Finishing second means high probability to play Netherlands in Round of 16.

  44. If anyone watched that match and thought "Gareth Southgate is the man to lead England to glory" then you're hopeless.

  45. I think Southgate already brought England to glory by finishing fourth in 2018 World Cup and by finishing second in Euro 2021. If the supporters' expectation is to win the World Cup, then I think the media should manage the supporters' expectation.

  46. Situation isn’t that bleak for Wales tbh, if England thrash the US tonight they go into the Wales game with nothing to play for. Wales then just need to beat an England team that would maybe be rested, hope Iran don’t beat the US and have a better GD than the US

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