1. I used to catch them as a kid. It’s unfortunate how much the population has grown the last few years. I just catch them to move them out of my neighborhood to try and stop rapid growth in people’s yards. I do not have the heart to kill them. I grew up with them as pets and to me it would be like killing a dog.

  2. Kinda makes me wonder. If more people tried to capture small ones during spawning season just as pets if that would cut down on the wild population.

  3. I wish this was a thing! I’ve caught 6 beautiful babies the past few days. I really want to keep them as pets, but I can’t take them on the plane back with me. I don’t live in South Florida anymore.

  4. I will not kill them. I grew up with them as pets. They are now illegal to sell in Florida, so hopefully that will help with the overpopulation once another cold front hits.

  5. I grew up with them as pets and would never kill them. It would be like killing a dog for me. I’m not releasing pet iguanas into the wild (that is illegal). I agree that there is an overpopulation in South Florida, but another cold front could help reset the population. A lot of ‘frozen’ iguanas were killed a few years ago by predators. They also finally passed a law that they cannot be sold anymore. This should have been done many years ago!

  6. I refuse to kill them. I know they are an invasive species, but i grew up with them as pets and it would feel like killing a dog.

  7. :( I’m a New York resident now.

  8. Lived in Lauderdale back in 2009, and that winter was cold enough to drop all the reptiles out of trees! Must've been easy pickins for you back then.

  9. Yes, that was a weird year! I tried to save a giant one in a pile of ‘dead ones’. My mom did not like seeing a 5 foot iguana in her tub...

  10. I’ve heard they exist, but have yet to see them!

  11. If I didn't live in NYC now I would have kept them.

  12. Cuties, but I also gotta ask... What color polish is that? I love it. 😍

  13. It's just white gel. Two weeks old!

  14. I didn't think to upload it to reddit until after we left dinner. I suck. Sorry

  15. Dude don't do this, i mean you can still catch them but in this position he could easily fucking shred and bite your arm

  16. I've been catching them my whole life. He's just a tiny one. I've never been bitten by a wild iguana.

  17. Looks like he replied just because you said that

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