1. The difference between Magnus and Hans.

  2. Of course, innocent until proven guilty. That's why I am saying Hans is not guilty and shouldn't be treated as such.

  3. Carlson isn’t speculating. Very likely he is waiting for the tournament to end before he makes a comment at this point

  4. He is speculating. Everything would've been fine had he just withdrew without any further comment and came forward later. But he did post a suggestive video without backing up his hints. That's the definition of speculating.

  5. I doubt there are good enough grounds for Niemann to sue Carlsen. Carlsen's "I prefer not to speak" technically could've meant anything: from a sudden onset of hemorrhoids to attending a furry convention.

  6. That's it. Seven seasons was enough. FPL is now nothing but a boring, stupid piece of shit. Fuck you and your useless template wankfest, FPL Towers. I'm never coming back.

  7. Not to agree or disagree with your point, but look at the reality of the current rules. Each year, we get hundreds of thousands of rabid kneejerkers who then quit 5-8 weeks in as their multiple -4 gambles fail. Further rewarding chasing the price rises would just further encourage such behavior.

  8. From the FPL perspective, Harry Kane was absolutely awful yesterday and you should be embarrassed for tooting his horn.

  9. For comparison, the longest televised match of Brood War was only an hour and a half, between Stork and GGPlay on Andromeda.

  10. Yeah, this stretched Artosis' stream to 7 hours and he finished it at 3 AM when he was supposed to sleep the Korean jet lag away. He vowed to never play "the last game" ever again.

  11. I'm on the team selection screen and someone is messing with the player names: Tanganga was renamed to "Handy"; Saka to "Of", Cancelo to "cancel"; Zouma to "Dry"; Scamacca to "Scam" etc.

  12. You know what should win? 1. e3 e5 2. Qh5+ Ke7 and Bg3 is gone.

  13. Fischer had a long-lasting personal grudge towards the U.S. Government. I believe it dated back to the 1960's, when he was denied a visa to go to Capablanca Memorial in Havana. It turned out very ugly but at least his resentment had understandable roots.

  14. Yes, your angle is fairly accurate. Given his reputation and life experience at that point, Fischer should've known better. But at the very least he was an American dissident with severed ties and very little debt of gratitude to the country he insensitively dissed. Same cannot be said about Karjakin.

  15. How would the third-party websites extract that information if it was removed by FPL itself? The individual gameweek squads are not visible to anyone until the deadline.

  16. House seems like a natural ENTJ, though. Even his shrink describes him as one.

  17. Originally, The Wire was an "anti-hit". As some HBO executive said to David Simon: "You're not going to get a lot of audience for it but you may sell a lot of DVDs later".

  18. Simon has no regrets. He even made a point of exonerating HBO for ‘The Wire’s’ shorter run this season by explaining that if they truly needed more time to wrap up their story (which initially included the revelation that Randy is indeed Cheese Wagstaff’s son), HBO would have provided it. But he feels the tighter story is stronger for it. — "The Wire: David Simon schools USC", Los Angeles Times, 4 March 2008

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