Make a Developmentally Disabled Boy Cry, Lose Your Family

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  1. Then if that’s the case, the coach should put his/her foot down and mandate time off from dieting to rebuild the metabolism or if the client is adamant about competing, not take on a person who is not in position for a good prep.

  2. I disagree. It’s a tough sport and it’s extreme. her metabolism is just fine considering. I know who she is and she had hormone panels before and during prep and is still doing great in her reverse. There’s nothing wrong with the way she did it. Coaches work for you, not the other way around and he did the best with what he had and it turned out well for her and she’s doing well. There’s no problem there.

  3. Anything over 45 mins gets split up for me, and in the past I have split my 45 mins of cardio by doing half fasted in the am and the rest post workout.

  4. You’re supposed to take it in the morning. Taking it at night can mess with your natural GH production. Never take it at night. You can read more about this in

  5. Yep, Gas X extra strength (the purple box.) I’ve had to use it almost every peak week

  6. I know this is an old post, but how are you doing now?

  7. I took second in my open bikini class. My lower body needs to be leaner. As we lean out my legs we lose fullness in my upper body. So tricky. My lower body looooves to hold onto any fat possible while my upper body drops it so easily. Thanks for asking!

  8. That’s fantastic, congrats! I always love getting feedback because there’s now a new goal to work toward. Way to go!

  9. Why would you post something like that anyway?

  10. Just unfollow him then 🤷🏽‍♀️ She’s a grown adult and obviously doesn’t mind.

  11. The op most likely doesn’t follow Aldo in the first place as Lauralie reposts his content 🤷‍♀️

  12. LL almost never reposts his content and the posts the OP is referring to are Aldo’s posts.

  13. That’s a problem that has a really easy solution.

  14. Ya know, you don’t have to type out every thought that comes to mind.

  15. That's disgusting but i agree that sentence is a little extreme

  16. Did the fbi find what they were looking for?

  17. He was wrong about the Toxic reveal though hahaha. His data was just plain wrong and he thought it was so clever

  18. But didn’t you just donate to St. Jude’s so he wouldn’t out you? Lol

  19. I know this is an old post, but I had some questions. Since u seem to be in the know about this team, can I msg u?

  20. Of course. I don’t know if I can answer everything but I do know they do things the same as Joe so I will answer what I can

  21. Why is that too bad? She won and you’re crazy if you think she’s the only one who does that.

  22. Can you show me what was said about Adam specifically?

  23. Why do you keep ignoring what I’m saying? And no, you can go look for that yourself or ask Adam directly if you’d like.

  24. I didn’t dismiss anyones experience. And I have looked back to see the comments and found nothing. You were confident that they talked poorly about Adam, I personally never saw it. And it sounds like you didn’t either.

  25. You definitely did dismiss everyone’s negative experience with toxic, I read it myself. If you didn’t, why did you feel the need to delete your entire profile? It’s a little suspicious, don’t you think?

  26. Yes, agreed! I think his reasoning was that we made some pretty drastic changes last week and most of the 2-3lb loss should come from water weight. I worked with him for a full offseason including a mini cut and reverse diet, so I’d like to think he knows how my body responds. I’m still a bit nervous about being able to meet expectations though…he wants me to be 10% BF on show day, which would be around 108lbs. I’m hovering around 124-125 right now. Realistically, I think I’ll end up around 13-14% BF and 112-115lbs on show day.

  27. 10% body fat is not realistic. Even the Olympian bikini pros are around 14% at minimum.

  28. Oh I knew it was gonna happen, didn’t know that’s the first thing she was gonna do when she won 😂 ..

  29. Yes, she’s in prep again for Figure. I really like her, she raises a ton of money for an orphanage is Haiti and a lot of other great charities. I hope she does well.

  30. “Hitting the stage” like a bodybuilding competition? I had no idea she’s competed before. I remember when her ex employees were trying to expose her but nothing really came of it

  31. She used to do NPC Figure and now she’s in prep again (for Figure)

  32. She knows what she did. And deep down she knows she deserves the hate. I don’t need to validate it to anyone. She knows who I am too which a lot of you don’t know. 🤷‍♀️

  33. It’s even more pathetic that she knows who you are, and you made a snark page dedicated to her and obsess over so much lol. I honestly cannot stand Meg and I came here for the snark on her coaching because some of her athletes have come to me about her bad coaching protocols. But you are downright obsessed for some reason and it’s kind of sad that you let her affect your life so much. There’s snark, and then there’s this…

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