1. Surely Ospreay is winning right?? This is going to be crazy!

  2. If they’re only going at it once, Ospreay will win. If they’re gonna do a rematch, Kenny will win.

  3. Jay took all the unreleased biggie stuff that’s why we never get new biggie verses and they recycle them on releases

  4. I met Hardcore Holly at an airport once. He kept it kayfabe the whole time and was pretending to be a tough guy and saying he could whip everyone's butts (literally said butts) but simultaneously signed autographs and took pictures with everyone who asked. Ultimately very positive experience, somehow was able to be very nice and accommodating to the fans with acting like an asshole.

  5. These theories are just going off the damn rails. People are really out here claiming there’s no proof Ace ever actually worked at AEW and he’s a part of this giant work. There’s just too much of this story that’s out of place for it to be a work. The REAL heat between Cabana and Punk, the stripping of titles, Jericho giving promos about how it’s his effing locker room and nobody’s gonna take it away followed by Mox’s promos about how important the AEW belt is… just the sheer level of damage control that had to be done. The amount of people who have taken shots at Punk and his actions. It’s almost willful ignorance at this point to think it’s a work.

  6. Please update us on how it went. Very curious if you went to outer space or not

  7. It was nice. Definitely didn’t go to outer space though lol.

  8. Couple of people wanted updates lol. It was a nice buzz I have a pretty high tolerance but it definitely made the flight less shitty. Everyone needs to try RSO.

  9. I got that too. Perfect for live resin, you can really get the full flavor

  10. Talent trade with WWE. Shinsuke gets 1 last run in NJPW for a year, Jay White appears in Royal Rumble.

  11. Figured as much, the highest terp % I’ve ever had was like 3.5%, so this was kinda a shock! I’m gonna assume it was supposed to be 1.9%

  12. When he comes home covered in blood after buying that kid a drink.

  13. I know I just must’ve missed it but I’m confused as I haven’t missed any shows lately, but when did they announce that match?

  14. I’m confused by that as well, wonder what dispo OP got from

  15. They are woodwards brand of disposables. Imo woodwards wax and vape pens are just a way for them to profit off there old expired flower they got sitting around.

  16. Just picked up gorilla nut recently and that’s been hitting heavy

  17. I missed those shows you mentioned, but I’d have to say mine is United Empire vs Death Triangle

  18. I’ve been thinking about trying RSO and I’m about to pull the trigger this weekend.

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