The Catholic Church donated over 3 million trying to limit abortion access in Kansas. Funny how the church has millions for political campaigns but attempts to avoid paying victims of sex abuse. If a church is going to spend millions on politics, it’s time to tax the hell out of the Catholic Church.

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  1. Oh fuck you that is not the issue here. How dare you use this for your dipshit views.

  2. Who's "they" here? It's largely both. The Canadian populace, in general, has no penchant for handguns and firearms. Canada is largely anti-gun. The legal gun owners and enthusiasts are a minority.

  3. Sounds like a very urban view on things. There are 4 million legal gun owners in Canada…Vast majority are in rural areas but that’s still a large part of our population.

  4. 4/30 isn't a minority? Huh?

  5. Shame it wasn't those pieces of shit in the Brampton attack.

  6. What if you win and then never show up or do any work?

  7. Omg, you whiney fuckers. If you can't afford a decent tip, you can't afford to eat out.

  8. Mmm no. I'm paying the restaurant, not the server. That's between you and the restaurant. Sort it out. If you can't negotiate your own wage you don't deserve a subsidy.

  9. Yes it’s true. I served tables for 20 years. Tip 20% or you suk. End of discussion.

  10. I'll continue sucking and servers will continue serving.

  11. If another person on the road is too confusing, you shouldn’t be driving.

  12. This is stupid and applies the other way too; can't follow the rules don't bike.

  13. You'll be sleeping forever. That ship has sailed.

  14. How much money and where is it coming from? I'd argue the problem in health care isn't a lack of money. We've invested plenty.

  15. Even if we go to the feds and ask them for money transfer $, which is what you are proposing, since corp tax is paid to the feds, where does it end?

  16. It ends when employees are properly compensated and corporations are adequately taxed. It means reduced profits for companies, not lower salaries for employees.

  17. $300/month is what I average to as well, and I work out and eat plenty of protein.

  18. What's plenty look like, we need numbers here.

  19. Seems the issue might not be legal gun owners but a lax legal systems that lets these idiots back out.

  20. Oh look this shit again. yawn

  21. I honestly am more in favor of British Columbia. Also I think I prefer doing the technical Engineer work vs taking on a Managerial role, as that will come with additional pressure and responsibility for a team of 5 other Engineers.

  22. There is also the option of getting a foothold in Toronto first with a higher take home and transitioning to an equally or better paying job out west later.

  23. How is that a net improvement? It's not like he's gonna be saving money living in Toronto

  24. 170 in Toronto will go further than 120 in Vancouver plus it sets a precedent for remuneration which moves with them when they seek employment in Vancouver, eventually. Just another option to consider.

  25. at what point should these employees be canned?

  26. I'd argue the opposite: if you can't afford to spend $100k on a major once-in-multiple-year purchase, you aren't really middle-class.

  27. No wonder you're against this. Your perspective is skewed; that is markedly not middle class.

  28. My perspective isn't skewed, and spamming links isn't an argument.

  29. Your perspective is certainly skewed, and it's not an argument.

  30. Literally the definition.

  31. Damn... I got a ticket to scan! Wish me luck. If I win, will give anyone who comments on this post in the next 24 hours (1:57 pm 8/6/22 to 1:56 pm 8/7/22) 10K cash.

  32. Bad people make a bad dog. Seriously I fucking hate this opinion. Pit bulls and other bully breeds can with the proper training in the sweetest family dogs.

  33. This narrative is shit. No.

  34. For perspective here's a quote by Churchill from I believe it was 1909. I don't like him but he was quite eloquent at times:

  35. Except... Property taxes exist and fund all of that.

  36. I don’t as a general rule, but when you see somebody in a moment of peak performance, it’s only natural to want to see them land it

  37. Didn’t know Frodo Baggins was on TikTok

  38. Stay out and pay your taxes. Religions shouldn't have special status.

  39. You twist it to mean that, but that's not what it was for. Boo.

  40. Please cite your sources indicating that the foundating fathers were concerned about sport shooting and hunting.

  41. Your reading comprehension is about where I expected it to be.

  42. the truly unacceptable one i’ll give OP here is that the trash is bad and doesn’t need to be, they have these trash cans with these tiny ass holes lmao and sometimes i’ll have to walk a block to get one or cross the road twice

  43. Public transit isn't great either. Not terrible, but not what I expect from a city the size of Toronto. And, lastly, lack of mental health supports are visibly manifesting in increased safety issues on transit. People are growing more uneasy. I'm more vigilant for my part than ever. I seem to have more conversations about this with others as well.

  44. Yea they absolutely suffer from way to much of the american mindset (I say that as someone who grew up in the US suburbs). While it goes almost without saying that things are far better here than the US due to established social welfare, along with having solidified abortion rights and gun control. I bring up abortion and gun control because politicians campaign almost exclusively on those things in the US and it makes it impossible to make any progress because it just forces constant single issue voting. The politicians here are fucking stupid too obviously but at least they're in the same universe, don't underappreciated that. Trudeau banning guns isn't just virtue signaling, Canada needs to protect itself from American culture.

  45. Your probably right. They can sell an extra unit for every 4 they short. When I worked for a vape cart company we purposely calibrated to the legal minimum as when filling 10000 carts a day you can really add quite a few more units by doing that. It's a common practice in the industry and nobody can accurately check vape carts without knowing the tare weight of an empty cart.

  46. Sounds like the grounds of a class action lawsuit to be honest.

  47. IANAL and I don't know the specific regulations but if there is evidence that a company is purposefully out to deceive consumers by not providing the advertised quantity this is where the company could be in hot water. The tolerance is likely permissible to account for lack of perfection, but concrete evidence of deceit sounds like bad news bears.

  48. McDonald's food gets cold 1 minute after buying it, how anyone buys this for delivery has courage or enjoys cold food

  49. Oh you must be one the piping hot eaters. I can't stand food that hot, I always need to let it cool.

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