1. *HIMARS (ATACMS) has entered the chat*

  2. Dude, you still don't get it. I didn't do anything. This is an asset showcase made by PropHaus. They've got more of them on

  3. holy crap... the "residential house test v2" only came out a month ago... does that mean that this "gameplay" and whole area of play were created within the last 30 days or so?? wtf?!

  4. Obama did the same thing. Drone strike, often killing women and children which were called 'collateral damage' then coming in with the 'double-tap' to kill searchers and rescue workers because the hope was that more targets would show up.

  5. all of that work just to be made fun of and laughed at. how long that take you?

  6. m777 baby... doing what it was made to do... kill ruskies and defend freedom.

  7. poor bruce. it's so damn tacky to have someone as professional as him doing what equates to a damn commercial. just put the logo on the screen. making bruce buffer have to spout this nonsense makes me hate their products even more.

  8. And there you have the answer.

  9. I have a feeling that you are one of the ppl that do this...

  10. Such a humble man. Love his response to reporters request. He knows that by continuing his work, he is contributing wayyyy more than he would be if he decided to take time for interviews. This man has his eye on the prize and is not here for fame or admiration. Everything he does, is for contribution towards the fight.

  11. this is breakthrough... you really arent suppose to be ON the point until your teams is either taking one or both with a push (like the one they are doing in the video). THAT was the time to push. The chaos of the the point will also distract because guys will start trying to move onto the point instead of focusing on you. If you had aps equipped, you could have rushed the point once it went neutral, and then used the wall of cover from inside the point, like most tanks do. use the smoke you have at least (breaks any darts you have stuck). But I think you did that on purpose for this video...


  13. Apparently the word Tripod is unknown to these morons. You can see the gunner is having a really hard time with this. Doesn't even look like he is aiming by the end, just suffering.

  14. What makes this even worse is that it looks like Kadyrovs men to me. Check out the very fresh beards... Totally different camo and all brand new gear including modern helmets. Also, they dont have armbands. They look like they have an actual mobilized soldier getting on his hands and knees clearing their casings and helping feed the ammo. tic tok batallion imo. Arent kadyrovites supposed to be in deep crap because of the TV anchor??

  15. Tf are you talking about? Having a conversation about a game is dick riding it... what a dumbasd thing to say, fuck me this sub is toxic as fuck.

  16. dude... everyone saw the same game play as you. some of us have been investing into indie dev studios and their "early access" games for YEARS AND YEARS. I love indie small studio games and wish them nothing but success. BUT when you have seen almost every type of scam and failed launches, you can spot one coming from a mile away.

  17. this is so damn funny because during the WHOLE LEAD UP to to the patch, the pilots were making nonstop posts talking about RAO and how "flying will be useless". now, it's a "pilots only" patch. the patch has been out for just about NINE HOURS...

  18. it's because you are joining someone else's server in another region. try creating your own aim trainer or playing in a solo match from the main menu. the codes for prebuilt portal experiences:

  19. seriously... wtf. why hasnt a squad breakdown overhaul been added??? I just wish they would make it like bf4's. you could see how squads were working together and swap to whichever one had open spots. I would find so many cool people with the same style as me and actually play more than 1 game with them. This is how I met new people in this game and now it just feels like cod with no one communicating.

  20. the "i love you people" at the end... nothing short of hero's. this is why Ukraine will win. end of story.

  21. all I could think about was peter griffin when this guy was rocking back and forth holding his knee. i bet he sounded similar too.

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