Footage of a young AB fighting for civil rights

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  1. The fact that he said something like “this can help you regain fertility as early as three generations.” If you’re able to have a child who can have a child, I think you’re fertile 🤔

  2. I feel like I'm going crazy, did he not just stay in a very expensive hotel and fly to LA in a private jet? I can't think of anything more subprimal than that

  3. It’s all subprimal. Like the other comment said, this guy will justify anything to fit his narrative. Like in his hotel, he ain’t sleeping on planks. He drives a jet skit to go fishing. The shit ain’t adding up

  4. In all honesty, I don’t think she dresses to make her fashion seem relatable. She probably is just happy being known as “the girl with edgy taste in clothing” or something like that. I just really love that she’s unapologetically herself.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree. She dresses how she likes and she’s unapologetic about it. To me, she enjoys fashion even if what she wears is not your taste.

  6. The Queen had the dignity to keep quiet. Charles proves once again why he is such an unpopular king. And by the way, this is The Crown we are talking about — a show that has been ridiculously easy on Charles.

  7. That and it’s a show. If someone watches a shows and doesn’t do their own research on what’s true or not, adding a disclaimer is not going to help.

  8. Disclaimers are for shows both historical or biographical that have crime, sex, violence, and other vice malicious content. Is the Crown like that or they are just admitting that what we're shown has some basis of the truth.

  9. That’s a very good point. Charles knows what they’re going to show has some aspect of truth.

  10. It’s all Hasans fault cause he bought a house or something idk

  11. Damn I’m surprised a lot of people still watch the Try Guys and were getting pissed during the segment

  12. I think they just don’t care enough. And I think Aish may have an understanding with Abhishek that they can appear cordial in public (idk how) while the rest of the family truly doesn’t care

  13. Are? Are these? Are these the machine washable shoes that you speak of?

  14. I wanted to him the benefit of doubt and that maybe someone created a fake account using his pics but his profile is verified so 😬😬😬

  15. Makes me wonder what the residuals are like for the main cast, if a two episode player gets $57. I'd like some passive income like that!

  16. I remember Jenna Fischer who played Pam on the Office, who mentioned that her residual checks were pretty low too.

  17. Yes women dumb. Women incapable of doing anything independent of strong man. No fat man. No pink nail polish man. Need thumb man to feel safe.

  18. Grottoe has to be one of the worst middle stages that gets really cool afterwards

  19. I was gonna add Emily D. Baker as the lawyer of the gaff pack since there's a couple of other specific field experts, but apparently she's a bit problematic from stuff I've briefly seen posted around here so I didn't wanna gamba to deal with any drama lmao

  20. Tbh not surprised his segment got cut out and he went private on socials. Some med schools are really strict and since he hasn’t finished residency, and him “diagnosing” Jimmy even as a joke might have not been taken well by his school. They could view him as being unethical and prevent him from graduating.

  21. He’s just bitter because the public receives her better. I have no plan on reading it but I also have no need to bash her, he’s so childish smdh

  22. Lmao he wanted to be the drama during s2. And he achieved it and continued to act like a mess after the show. I don’t get why he’s surprised at the hate he gets

  23. I was thinking it was a kink thing that we may not know bc she didn’t explain but other context clues bring me to the conclusion that he’s just an asshole

  24. In the show, the queen herself says she turns a blind side cause it helps her marriage. That’s enough to say he did occasionally cheat on her and she knew about it

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