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  1. You are at a club that’s quality equivalent of a 4th tier English club, I guarantee it

  2. It’s the 6th division of the american football pyramid…so a little below the english 4th tier then.

  3. Its zealands american football pyramid database

  4. Wait. Isnt that the youtuber who beat LH on the same car?

  5. Genuinely believe we should start referring to Nico as “the monaco-based youtuber”

  6. Elon Musk's move would be promise to buy the airline and liquidate other stock for that and then renege on the promise, causing stocks to fall and then buy back shares at lower prices.

  7. Completely unrealistic. I'd start a new save if I were you. Spurs never win trophies.

  8. OP definitely needs to report this bug

  9. Nothing says authentic African culture like annoying plastic trumpets blown at football games. Sounds like the entire stadium has had millions of bees descend upon it.

  10. I honestly felt this way for the longest time, but it's been a few years now. He shouldn't still be this bad. He just isn't the level of athlete his dad was. Christ he can't even keep up with his uncle Rey, and he doesn't even have any knees left.

  11. I thought Rey was his dad, not his uncle?

  12. I think derrick lewis used to do this sometimes tbf

  13. It’s been such a wild ride watching Danny Ric go from widely regarded as a potential multi-WDC talent stuck in an underperforming Redbull to the way people talk about him now.

  14. Like Herbert saying Max made a mistake at Silverstone, he's fully chatting out of his ass

  15. Herbert is always chatting out his arse, regardless of who or what he’s talking about

  16. I don’t think she knew about the content specifically, maybe just about the video itself but not what was gonna happen.

  17. I’m pretty sure she replied to a comment on tiktok saying she saw it before it was released

  18. Hooker is debatable. I think Hooker always knew, or at least learned pretty quickly, that he will never hold the UFC belt.

  19. I think he’s a gatekeeper for the top 10/15 - which is in no way an insult because lightweight is stacked

  20. I feel like Fedor is the only realistic answer

  21. You can literally watch videos on youtube that explain how the mclaren isn’t working with Daniels’s form of braking

  22. Rashford was playing amazingly but still regressed. He went from 17 goals a season to 11 to 4. Sometimes players just fall off.

  23. He stupidly decided to play with an injury for around half a season

  24. They could easily change this through player interaction.

  25. At least you kept it real at the end, it would have been too good to be true

  26. Watch Molly's fight: i'd view the rest as optional, though the main was great for the 5 seconds it lasted.

  27. I really enjoyed Jack’s fight too, thought he showed great footwork, range control and lots of variation in his strikes. Definitely should of finished him when he had him rocked against the cage, instead of just punching and elbowing his arms

  28. Why isn’t Paddy ranked in the UFC?

  29. Because he hasn’t fought anyone worthy of making him ranked

  30. there can only be one race in germany :6702:

  31. It’s like he’s so confident that he’s showing all his cards to Paddy. This type of psychological warfare is more impressive to me than trash talk. This made me a fan.

  32. Immediately tap out and thank Dana for the opportunity. One punch from him would put most normal men in the hospital

  33. Gaethje is literally the anti-Wilder of MMA. All he has is a chin and nothing else.

  34. Watch Fast and Furious ( 5 I think) she acts fantastic in this as there are barely any lines.

  35. I’m pretty sure helen mirren said fast and furious films are great because you don’t even need to act lol

  36. Nah, you're incorrect on this one. Deadpool is literally just how Ryan Reynolds has always been an actor.

  37. He did have a bit more variety in the roles he took though. Now it’s literally all just the same character.

  38. Here in Africa the UFC have a broadcasting deal with Supersport (our sports TV network). So we get all the ppv's on this channel without having to buy PPV's. Therefore Africa wont contribute to any PPV buys and even we were able its too fucken expensive and us Africans would click that illegal stream link if our internet access remained stable! WHO THE HELL IS JON AFRICA!?

  39. We have this same kind of deal in the UK, but with BT sport (i pay a monthly subscription to BT, but i dont pay extra for PPVs). The only time I remember BT actually making me pay for a PPV is a mcgregor card

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