Dogs Can Have Happy Tail Syndrome

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  1. I did the smart thing and spent it on findom instead

  2. Wait! Where do you get all the fixings?? I always get handed plain ass hot dogs when I’m there

  3. I was there last week on the 100 level, right field, and I saw people walking around with footlong chicago dogs that looked great so I think around those sections. I had an excellent polish sausage, elotes, and shared half a cubano. I usually don't purchase from the vendors with full kitchens, only from the stand vendors closer to the seat side. The food seems better from the stand vendors.

  4. Beautiful! How hot do you need the grill for it to be cooked like this?

  5. I think you’re supposed to say “is this normal? Or should I send them back?”

  6. PSA: My friend went to Al's on Taylor St recently. She dipped into the alley to smoke a joint quick and when she came back her car had been towed from the parking lot. They said it was because she didn't walk DIRECTLY into the restaurant. She must have been gone barely 5-10 min. That was a $225 dollar beef sandwich.

  7. Take your sweet time and explore as much as possible!

  8. I like the idea of black or gunmetal grey. The simworks stealth stuff would be amazing.

  9. I thought that was an actual board in the middle 😂

  10. Woops, my editing skills aren’t the best sometimes 🤣

  11. 😂😂😂 it’s def in part cuz I read the word board

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