1. Ich sehe Restrap, ich wähle hoch! Gute Fahrt.

  2. Ich habe noch einen älteren Rucksack von Restrap. Bestes Teil. Leider stellen sie keine Rucksäcke mehr her.

  3. What is in it? The Pop folder should only have two kernels and their initrd, total 200MB. The rest?

  4. Check if there are any older installations of kernels on there. At all times there should only be two for Pop!_OS and one for the recovery partition.

  5. Only one Kernel. But I deleted a firmware bios image and a bios recovery backup in /efi. But who knows how long the space will last.

  6. Do you by any chance know what gpu-hwdec-interop=no does? I cant seem to figure it out without having to dig too much

  7. Sieht ja ziemlich nach 70er-Jahre-Rad aus. Laut dem

  8. Am using the build in with the gnome extension 'Night Light Slider'. Due to the extension being unmaintained, you have to edit a file and add your current Gnome version to it.

  9. This is an interesting and underrepresented topic, in this sub. I'm sure the board is banking on tremendous growth from this trend. Combined with another trend, that of online shopping becoming normal due to Covid, this corresponds to all the actions BBBY has taken in the last months: strengthening online presence by an App, BBBY prime, closing unprofitable stores e.g

  10. If those numbers are self reported, they’re likely higher than what they say they are. TITS ARE JACKED

  11. It also appears that the ATH Off Exchange Volume of October 25 was subsequently reduced from >60% to 55%.

  12. It's telling that borrowed shares are less today than a day before. That's why it increased.

  13. Wrong. Also, chilli vanilli is all I need to know that we are on the right track (horrible comment history and 2 month old).

  14. It's safe to remove if you don't need any of those dependent packages. If you find you do need them you can always just reinstall them.

  15. Well, I am not sure about the non dev packages. Also don't know why linux-libc-dev was installed in the first place.

  16. All your wayland apps render with 2x scaling in a higher resolution and then get downscaled and they will remain that way because gtk devs refuse to implement fractional scaling into the toolkit itself, so probably good you switched, your battery life would be halfend

  17. Does the battery drain only apply to fractional scaling or normal scaling, too?

  18. CTB fee is stagnating since 2022-10-28. This is the first time that the fee hasn't gone down since August, which makes it seem that they can't tank it any further due to people holding. This would also correspond with some DDs pointing to an up trend around mid of November.

  19. It went up before, seen a post about it back when it was around 11.7%

  20. For one or two days, but now we are about a week in. Last time the stock was priced similar, we had a borrow rate between 1.5 and 2%. Means a lot of new hands in the game.

  21. I use this simple tomato sauce recipe for almost all of my pizzas & it tastes amazing!I start with some cans of whole peeled tomatoes, and run through a food mill. Then, I mince some fresh garlic in a grinder and add to the tomatoes along with some oregano & sea salt. Finally I chop up some fresh basil leaves and add to the mixture along with a few glugs of nice extra virgin olive oil. That's it!

  22. Your sauce needs some sugar to get a more fruity flavour and maybe some tomato paste to give it a richness. I also leave out any herbs.

  23. That's what I figured. It is interesting that he's asking about the bonds. My guess is that they are going to wreck the shorts soon and he's trying to put together a hit piece in advance. ReDdiTors Are tO BlaMe FOr crAsHing WalL StReeT

  24. Some ape backtracked the holdings/company of Freeman and found it registered at Citadel HQ. In the meantime SHF media praised him like the trader god for buying stocks in July, selling at peak, taking advantage of the squeeze, while RC got sued for causing named squeeze although he bought in April.

  25. Design wise I dislike these 20+ install buttons on the front page of Pop_Shop, they are just redundant. Just remove them, because every user will click each wanted app to read about it and then install. This way you will also have more frontend space to work with.

  26. Yes, all major HFs media are posting this exact same article. They ran out of steam

  27. Unabhängig von den Verkehrsregeln bin ich (meiner Meinung nach) ein besserer Fahrradfahrer geworden, seit ich eine Weile selber Auto gefahren bin. Beispielsweise benutze ich seitdem öfter Handzeichen und fahre generell vorsichtiger und "auffälliger", weil ich jetzt auch weiß, wie leicht man als Autofahrer Radfahrer übersehen kann, selbst wenn niemand etwas falsch macht.

  28. Die Anzahl von Radfahrern welche keinen Schulterblick bei Richtungsänderungen machen ist schrecklich hoch. Als Radfahrer mit Führerschein ist der Schulterblick hingegen völlig ins Blut übergegangen.

  29. This is an important metric and I'm mad at myself for not sharing it daily for everyone to see. I believe Friday was the second highest it had been since 9/16

  30. Got you bro/sis, today had been highest value since 2022-09-07. Friday wasn't that interesting value wise. Last week all the other criminal methods and tools had been enough to bring the price down. But today they are testing waters and for that they need the dark pool.

  31. They now shit will be wild, if ANY good news regarding BBBY and future plans drop. Shorting and FUD, the only methods they know. If retail holds, we can save a company and fuck a HF.

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