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  1. You can also give the potion to another character, it gives you a great summon, but you are locked out of an ending

  2. Dialogue option didnt appear, either in sewers or rpundtable hold

  3. "theyre your guests, clean it up yourself"

  4. Tbh id like something like bloodborne. Doesnt need to be bb2. Just something with similar aggressive and smooth combat style. I like even just a spiritual successor, kinda like what bb is to demons souls

  5. Are they protestong against people going to work?

  6. Extra virgin Olive oil is your friend. Its almost 100% fat, and extremely low in saturated fats (bad fats). Pouring 100ml of it over your daily meals will net you the easiest possible extra ~900kcals/day withought feeling heavy.

  7. Im the guy. She once got frustrated that i didnt pick up her signals. I told her touching my dick or getting into a position and asking if i wanna fuck will be pretty succesful.

  8. Looks thick n curvy, not fat lol deff his loss

  9. Thanks, i should have been clearer in post; my follow up question to if my logic was sound was:

  10. Once upon a time a master was gold. Today it just means that they've transferred from release candidate to final, which will be the image burned to the disc or be 1.0 on download. Except 1.0 will probably never be downloaded because the first patch will probably be out before release.

  11. Ah right so basically they've finnished and are just slowly tweaking before release?

  12. I am an amateur fighter, just to specify: you're likely talking about people with no fighting experience beyond the occaisional bar brawl, not necessarily any amateur fighter.

  13. Thanks, could ypu specify your metric for "bigger"? Do you mean taller, larger surface area/volume, mass or a combination of all 3?

  14. I think most men are perfectly comfortable with a small girl hugging them from behind lmao

  15. So then why not the other way round? Lol

  16. How? Sexual activity at sunset doesnt make the sunset the cause of my orgasm 😂

  17. Self own aswell, clearly she isnt interesting enough and has no chsracter😂

  18. It's winter. People are going to be mining as a heat substitute regardless of per-electricity-cost profitability.

  19. Dont know about where you are, but in the uk im pretty sure the electricity price increase is so much larger than the gas increase that even calculating a cost per degree centigrade and taking that away from your cost of mining, your still more profitable switching the heating on and buying the coins lol

  20. Personally I just want to heat one or two rooms. The gas system in my house heats whole floors at once, so it turns out just as much for me due to inefficiency, hence why I'm using electric heating anyway.

  21. Your radiators dont have knobs/valves? Lol wtf where is this and what is this sham of a central heating system? Lol

  22. Some go for function, many go for aesthetics. Are either of those narcicistic trsits?

  23. Looks like it's on the device only like a charge 5. Hope this helps.

  24. Welp, something had better justify the 40% price increase. Graphics certainly dont!

  25. Or, wait to find out if something does justify it and/or wait for sale? 😂 Still utterly ludicrous to increase the price this much.

  26. Go lighter than colossals. Its doable but not that fun imo

  27. I think your issue is you are assuming language and spelling is logical like maths. It's not. Ita kinda logical if you know a huge amount of a language's etymology, but thats not really the same lol.

  28. Is it going to be like elden ring where the best way to play is the psr version on ps5 to actually get 60fps, or are they capping the ps4 version at 30 regsrdless of ehich system you play on?

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