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  1. Guarantee you that a lot (not all, but many) of these American men will NOT be thinking this everytime they have sex with a women and even if the women gets pregnant, blame and responsibility will be placed solely on the women.

  2. QT is when they sell on the open market and reduce their balance sheet, not when they stop buying

  3. It may just be that they're selling and the value of their holdings increased anyways.

  4. Musk has backpedaled so fast and so far on the Twitter situation at this point, I don't think anyone can trust most of what he says about it.

  5. It's called stealing a base, Toto, we went base running

  6. lmao, do you practice gas lighting in your spare time? you came in acting like a total dick and then wonder why you're met back with aggression?

  7. Nah I just gave back what you started. I tried to have a normal conversation

  8. WSB has been shitting on wish way longer than 6 months ago. Your argument is still invalid

  9. Yes the bond yield spiked, but it did return to its peg shortly after.

  10. They will deny all responsibility right up until the very last second. Same as Wall Street. If you’ve seen The Big Short you’ll remember the part at the end where Mark Baum (Steve Carell’s character) is calling out the financial executive in a public interview AS said executive’s company stocks are cratering. Going down with a sinking ship with the shit eating grin of a facade plastered all over his face.

  11. Shit you’re right! Steve Carell’s character not Christian Bale’s. I’ll edit my post thanks

  12. Are these GDP numbers taking inflation into account? If GDP „grows“ by 1% for two quarters, but inflation is 7%, shouldn‘t that count as a recession?

  13. You ask if we've watched a video and you post an image? DM me a link when you find the time.

  14. OP isn't your monkey to fetch things for you. You can either ask nicely or put in the effort yourself and find the video

  15. Yo... did you see that post that proves GME will reach at least 1 million per share?

  16. Positive review - Positive reinforcement so you keep leaving reviews

  17. Sorry Mr Gates, the crash already happened - it is only up 14% from a year ago.

  18. It is hard to pin this solely on US monetary policy.

  19. Coincidentally the USD is a reserve currency of almost every country, but I'm sure the two aren't correlated

  20. Not that mutch if you plot the data. Others countries have government bonds at the same or less interest cost than the US (Germany for example).

  21. Doesn't mean there's no effect between the two. In fact many papers have linked the US monetary policy on other nations. Here's one for

  22. Sorry, I would offer a better prize, but all my money is in GME 🤲

  23. I don't know why this is getting upvoted. The price for the options and the change in price are identical which is a common glitch with yahoo finance.

  24. If a person is offering a giveaway, I'm all for it. Just ban people making threads begging for them

  25. Okay, but why is it so high (or negative)? Last quarter was -3, this quarter -2, and they come out with -5???? That seems like some bad math.

  26. last quarter wasn't -3 it was -1.86. your numbers are way off. add the 4 quarters and you get -6.09. if we just look at 2021 quarters it would be -4.46. so it's off but not that off

  27. the irony of that scene is that he does think about him all the time, which is accurate because this sub doesn't stop talking about the SEC

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