1. I get wanting to combine the two worlds (stance & racing). Because who doesn't wanna look hot while on track.

  2. What good lightweight options are there with this design? I’ve found countergram but not the same design but looks nice

  3. How long was your calorie deficit? Did you count calories and macros? Any lack of energy throughout the day? Digestion good?

  4. Yeah dude I’m gonna fly across the world to go on a date

  5. Shoot me a message and I'm sure I can hook you up on something! I have plenty in stock too so they can ship right away

  6. As long as it’s stage 3 and lower than $1,800 shoot me a message

  7. She may already be going with some buddies of hers, I would suggest another date someplace else where it's just you two

  8. I figure if she was interested she would’ve said another day she available. I don’t wanna put her in the spot and ask her when is she free. That’s just not me

  9. Nah she may just be telling you im already gonna be there, I would just give her the benefit of the doubt and ask anyways

  10. That’s what I found weird, she said she’s already gonna be there so she might be playing it as a joke cause the way I’ve been asking her out and answering her questions are more like “be at X at X time.” And she’ll reply “yes sir”. When she was confirming the first date I replied “I’ll be there.” So I’m thinking this is her way of playing with me? Idk, I think I’m just gonna text her “see you then…?”

  11. This is Adobe Sans - not a real font that you can use, but the font that Acrobat uses when somebody didn't embed the real don't properly.

  12. on my computer is helvetica thin so I'm just gonna use that. Thank you :)

  13. I found out it's helvetica thin lol thanks though :)

  14. I think it’s the equivalent of doing nothing

  15. I think it’s actually pretty cool but to each his own

  16. Good progress! Mind if I ask how much that’s running you back? I imagine it ain’t cheap.

  17. You have an owl so maybe a dark forest theme, with heavy blacks and colored sky to blend out the colour in your tattoo.

  18. That’s an amazing idea! Thank you so much

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