One Piece: Chapter 1066

Historical anomaly - greatest in eternity.

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  1. Without Danzo the Uchiha coup happens and the Leaf goes to civil war

  2. Bro, I just saw naruto the anime. They really hammered Danzo as the fall guy because, he is the reason Uchiha coup started and the reason Itachi attacks.

  3. Not everyone is kind. It’s okay. We have a new hope to progress after this. Let them be.

  4. This is the way. You absolutely do not have to interact with those that are unkind. The world is full of em

  5. Yeah we are going to need a weekly update on the crab chief. Such a rare pet. Its awesome

  6. The mods for Fallout 4 are so diverse, you can try just about anything, but for your first time, I’d use a light touch and just use the patch.

  7. Ive read the sim settlements description. It sounds like quite a hassle to set the settlements hahaha. Alas, I will try to play as the game intended first

  8. Oh boy… we’ll start me up is a must have unless you like the story (which many don’t). It basically allows you to create a custom character with any back story. Skibadaas weapon mods are what I always use for weapon mods (these being rifles rebirth, machine guns rebirth and mini guns rebirth. Modular simonov is a similar mod which adds anti materiel rifles to the game). Environment mods are usually must haves (seasons: winter for snow, badlands 2 for desert and you can find millions of green mods). New DLC mods are good depending on if you are playing on pc or Xbox (Xbox typically doesn’t have access to DLC mods and when we do there usually massive). Sim settlements, all Americans and gun for hire are good mods. I’m gonna be honest id recommend watching degenerate dark and itsyaboybrandyboy for good mods.

  9. Didn't know that a number of people didn't like the backstory. Thank you for that. I will try the story as the game intended tho

  10. I agree on the food stuff Maybe can find a woven cover for kitchen table used to cover food.

  11. Dah la nasi lemak, goreng pulak tu, mayonis lagi.

  12. Damn bro/sis. Thank you foe your effort. Hope you get well soon with that injury

  13. Not gonna lie, I kinda want to see you uploading a video of your pet crab doing something

  14. I personally felt like women from Kelantan have always been differently attractive.

  15. i'm south america so one of us would be on 400 ping lmao but thanks <3

  16. Honestly, just ask your team or even all chat if anyone wanted to pkay 5 stack for next game. Good luck

  17. Actually reacted verbally to this post in my workplace lol. Good one

  18. Brother, i think its good that you removed the face. However this 'meme' is inappropriate.

  19. 25, it's the max i beleive. I got 1 and 5 levels before too.

  20. I got the 5 levels and ignored it haha. Hope i get yours too. Even better than arcana because i would really like the void arcana

  21. Brother, while its true that we did not visit the liquor store, we are also should be mindful of our community and neighbors.

  22. Disruptor other Immo price goes BRRRRRRRRR

  23. Worry not, Steam follows Black Friday. So its all good

  24. When slacks came to our side of the seats, I went for maximum dankness to get him to notice me

  25. My ticket is final too. I registered it several days ago.

  26. I have managed to register mine using another person's phone. It is damn frustrating, but at least I got mine

  27. Sad Xiaomi gang ahhaha. I borrowed an IOS user. Thank for your replies OP!

  28. Didn't know about your website before, now I do! Thank you for the raffle

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