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  1. I hope that your husband leaves you and finds a good wife. Deep inside I just hope that this is a troll post. What did that poor man do to deserve a horrible cheater like you?

  2. How? At what speeds and roads?

  3. Is 30-31 possible riding at 60-65 in highways?

  4. If you can slightly increase your budget I’d say Gixxer 250. Ns200 is also a great option.

  5. Try the Honda CB350 rs or Hness , if you like neo retro bikes try the Honda Cb300. Big wing has excellent customer service. I wouldn’t recommend any of the 350 cc REs.

  6. Pretty much every single large scale development project that came here was blocked by cpm or its unions 🤦🏻‍♂️.

  7. Acer Nitro 5 with RTX 3050. I have friends with the ideapad that are having reliability issues and extreme heating.

  8. If budget isn’t an issue then the perfect bike for you is the Triumph Tiger 900, I can easily flat foot that bike but most people under 6 foot struggle to do so. Otherwise try the Adventure 250 or 390 from KTM.

  9. It’s an accidental bike. Costed nearly a lakh rupees for the owner to fix. I don’t think it’s worth purchasing.

  10. I say that the interceptor in general is a great bike I didn’t know about the history of this particular bike. You’d be better off looking for another interceptor if that’s the case.

  11. Yup I’m looking at other bikes now.

  12. I’ve always had terrible experience from Bajaj showroom, if this is how they treat their customers before buying the vehicle imagine how they’d treat you afterwards.

  13. He absolutely deserves to be in the goat conversation along with gsp and dj

  14. Damn the bike prices seem really low in MH. In my state you could sell this for 2.5-2.75 lakhs. Heck there are many asking for 2.4 for 2017 model with 30k odo reading.

  15. Which state bro? I'll bear the transportation and send it tomorrow 🤣

  16. Kerala bro, and it is another reason why no one is buying used 390s in Kerala. Many people are buying from Maharastra and re registering it, that is the much more economically viable option. If you are ready to ship it to someone in Kerala you can get a much better deal than what you'd get in your state. I mean it's a win-win for both you and the person buying it. You are selling your bike at a rate higher than what you would get in your state, and the other person would get a good bike at a rate less than the market rate in their state.

  17. AMA, I bought it about 3mo back, Its really fun although honda provides cheap mrf tires which get punctured way too much. Check my profile for some posts.

  18. Shit I used to go to this Walmart.

  19. Both are diff machines. Dominar 400 was created with being a awesome tourer in mind. while ktm bikes 250 or 390 they are designed for street / track use. So diff would come with gearing and suspension setup. Also i felt 400 was a bit front heavy which would help immensly with stability during touring and straight line stability but wont make it as flickable as duke 250 in city traffic.

  20. Which bike is faster? They both have similar power to weight ratio.

  21. Jesus, even Romero couldn’t wrestefuck Paulo then how could Chimaev do it especially considering how huge Costa gets when he’s in the cage. The strength difference is way too much and Chimaev gets hit quite often as well. If Paulo connects a good one then its lights off for Chimaev.

  22. I mean weight classes exists for a reason. Izzy was literally in god level in MW, we all saw what happened when he went upto LHW.

  23. I just hope that they don’t make a single penny from hosting the world cup. Heard a lot about exploiting workers, racism, homophobia and their bullshit rules.

  24. Ofc take few test rides, and long ones if they allow. For me, hunter felt small and bit awkward, but the blue color was very good looking, i initially wanted to buy MT-15 but for paying 2 lakhs there was only single channel abs so i waited few months cuz on YouTube someone will upload a video saying Yamaha is releasing xsr155 soon next month 💀(it's not gonna happen). And for Mt 15 v2, the service centre at my place was disgusting, such poor service, they broke my friend's r15's tail light and missed 1-2 bolts. So i went for Honda highness CB350,(just got it 3 weeks ago), because the Honda Bigwing showroom was only 5 km away from my home. And it's a premium showroom for higher segment bikes 650cc-1200cc, there service is top notch and the way they deal is very professional and polite. Ya ofc they also charge very premium as well lol xD

  25. Bigwing’s customer service should be the gold standard for customer service. The way that they treat their customers is beyond words. I feel like Honda actually hires people that know a thing or two about their products, rather than scheming snake oil salesmen idiots like Bajaj and all..

  26. How’s the fuel efficiency and what’s the maximum mileage you’ve got and how’s the pillion comfort ( esp for someone like your mother).

  27. Any idea about cost and power ?

  28. Whats the average heights for the middleweights? I can make 185. Fuck it. DWCS here I come!

  29. I think somewhere around 5’11-6’0”

  30. Haha… wait you think the millionaires and billions are happy to spend lakhs on maintenance????

  31. Could you explain the source of tax savings part?

  32. Most of the business owners buy the car as part of their business and the cost , driver salary & maintenance can be shown as a business expense rather than personal expense.

  33. I see how would the taxes work out in a situation like this .

  34. yeah how is tate 6’4” and paul 6’1” yet they’re the same height in this video

  35. Jake paul is more like 5’10-11” and with those massive shoes he wear’s he’s close to the height he claims. He’s clearly shorter than Tommy Fury who claims 6 foot.

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