1. To be able to draw from imagination you need an accurate mental model of the subject in your brain. To build the model you need to study 100s of references. I myself am not able to draw from imagination although I have been drawing for a while. And drawing anime is an entirely different part of drawing. Don’t be deceived by how simple it looks. Animators in anime need to be an expert in drawing (basically anything) in realism before being a studio professional.

  2. That means a lot! I am sure gonna try to incorporate your advice :)

  3. I think what would be helpful to you is taking a course instead of just a bunch of youtube tutorials. I could recommend drawabox lessons (which has video recordings on youtube) or otherwise any beginner courses on udemy and skillshare. Another option is getting a good book like “Perspective made easy” by Ernest Norling which can go a long way to establish the base of drawing fundamentals. As you go along with the course make sure you get feedback from people of an art community.

  4. you could actually start by plotting the initial 2 vanishing points on the canvas along the horizon line. After that make sure all your lines except the vertical lines reach towards the vanishing points. All the vertical lines could be parallel to each other

  5. Try to focus on the texture of the sand instead of the outlines. Hint: just draw the dark areas if you are sticking to a pencil or a pen

  6. I just love your posing. Absolutely well done!

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous. Love the way you have used colors and values without making it look too much muddy.

  8. Nice! I love the robot-ish person chilling in the last sketch

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