1. Fr TIL this is not an “all white people” thing. Literally thought this happened to everyone.

  2. Correct, it is a human dermato condition which affects all humans, irrespective of skin complexion.

  3. People with Dermographism: Is my condition a joke to you?

  4. Usually I hate looping videos, but I just can't stop watching this one. Get humbled douche-bag! 💀😭😂

  5. Truly sad these are in high demand. Anyone using these should seriously reconsider their time on this Planet.

  6. Why? What's the difference between this and women using dildos that look like penises? Wtf is up with these double standards.

  7. I understand what you are saying, but I would compare dildos to flashlights, not these abominations. No one is too uptight about dildos and flashlights.

  8. Come, come, bring it here... OE group hug! 🤗

  9. Start applying and interviewing and hopefully you land an employer. This is the era of Remote, so you willing to relocate actually gives you an edge against full remote (you can accomodate Remote, Hybrid and OnSite).

  10. Remote is way more time & energy efficient for all parties involved, including the environment.

  11. It is very true, especially the last part. I feel some of the Managers are either the "my job is my life" type, the gatekeeping kind, or... the soft Managers who gives in to upper mgmt peer pressure in order to have headcount on premises.

  12. You called a person you never met a jerk for telling a joke about pronouns?!

  13. You told someone they have sawdust for brains because they called someone a jerk for making a joke about pronouns?

  14. Do your parents know you're on the spectrum?

  15. I guess there's no creativity or progress in the Nordics, huh..

  16. The same old adage? Nordic countries are socialist? Are you for real?

  17. When people say they want a social democracy, that means Nordic.

  18. You avoided my remark. Have you been to Norway, or Sweden? Or maybe Finland? Hmm?

  19. Same reason why you studied center mass in Physics in school.

  20. Good one, I'll remember it for when my son grows. I'll tell him Jesus whispered, one&done is better than a life lived in sin.

  21. Hello, fellow SDET with over a decade in the biz. 👋

  22. Hey! Sorry to chip in, I have also recently finished a QA Manual testing course and started applying rigorously, however nothing really comes in my way, as most of the companies are requiring 1 year of experience. Could you let me know what you meant by 'sharpening your blade' in your message? Is that a reference to continue studying or practicing and if yes, how and what should I focus on as I'm somewhat lost and not sure what to do.

  23. Well, there are a few ways to give yourself better chances:

  24. Weekends are releases. I’ve fought tooth and nail for us not to do weekend releases and they listened to me for all of one weekend. It’s the nature of the business I suppose, but it’s super frustrating, since currently I’m the only person that can handle the release work on my team.

  25. Probably because you and your colleagues doing weekend releases are being played and down-votes you're getting are more of a wake-up-call, than a slap.

  26. The cognitive dissonance in such a short post should be study material in sociology & psychology schools.

  27. Their rullers weren't long enough for the rest of Africa. They measured what they could I guess. /s

  28. lol you think you know the guy. you funny. romanian police stated this was false. they are investigating money laundry. you fool.

  29. You must be the dumbest being I've seen online today. Do you hear yourself?

  30. cardi b is praised while she openly bragged about drugging and stealing from men. but hey, you do you boo.

  31. You are justifying one wrong with another? Who messed you up when you were a kid? Are you an orphan?

  32. No one is surviving that trip on foot, no matter how much time. UNLESS, cheat code wealth and media exposure along your golden path.

  33. You have a mole in your circle. You most likely cannot keep your mouth shut also. Thirdly, you seem to be a very bad liar and risk manager.

  34. Sounds like a good plan, but maybe keep J2 untill you onboard J3 successfully.

  35. Log in your 8h like the rest of us and stop being a scared wuss.

  36. Every team I’ve been on, and nearly every sprint, stuff carries over because of underestimation. There’s nothing you gain by estimating with best-case scenarios in mind, even the 1 time out of 10 that you’re right. I’ve never figured out how to get teammates to understand this. They’re basically sabotaging themselves with small estimates.

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