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  1. Hey dude, Im looking for a custom controller for PS5 myself but I can’t decide and I’m worried I don’t get the right one considering one is worse like 3-4 default controllers. What modifications do you use? What sort of sticks, smart trigger and bumpers? smart d-pad? rear buttons? rear paddles? And how did it improve your performance, is it really this much different and giving you a competitive edge?

  2. I maxed out the modifications, all the ones you mentioned are on my controller. The ones I would say are giving me a competitive edge are: -the elevated right stick + increased resistance (right stick only, left stick is stock); -smart triggers and bumpers -4 rear buttons (2 is a must but 4 is better)

  3. What did you not like about the extremerate kit? I have only been using mine for about a month and am curious if there are any issues that I need to look out for

  4. I chose to modify the whole controller with basically all the mods they offer and that’s where I think I screwed up. Got stick-drift the second I started using it and their solution for the L1 R1 is a bit stupid. My buttons get stuck all the time.

  5. “Vaas : Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... ...”

  6. Must be allergic to exercise; just like me …

  7. Way to go OP!! Happy to see you breaking your streak record 💪 Now to the 365 days streak!!

  8. Thank you 🙌 Getting there soon 🤞

  9. Bravo! You did the right move; I bought all the comics one by one and then bought this one only to learn that this is just a complete set of all the others lol

  10. You should have gotten more than that. Why so low? It should be up over 5700 SATs.

  11. Yes, thanks for the calculation 😅🙌

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