1. It's the perfect width, I noticed it right away when I got the barely wider 4a.

  2. Completely fine, while there is minimal load in Bios the CPU will be running at stock max (non-boost) speed.

  3. OK, you got me, I chuckled. Have an upvote.

  4. i just checked it and it almost works. Before update waking up was impossible, now it is possible but not with keys ctrl win alt shift.

  5. Interesting, ctrl win alt and shift all wake from sleep for me without problems. I also never had the RGB issue, maybe it's a motherboard or bios thing.

  6. hey, I don't know what changed in my config, but today I was able to wake up using CTRL :y

  7. Nice. PCs are complicated, I'm glad it's all good for you now though.

  8. I think A300W is even hotter, when I game with a 3400g, vrm goes up to 110c, I have to slide open the mb tray to let the heat dissipate or the case get very hot to the touch

  9. It's because the 'PSU' is in the same place (I'm pretty sure), anyone who has used a HDPLEX/PicoPSU with 19V input knows how hot they can get.

  10. For anyone interested, this is what's inside the AliExpress 2.4/5ghz mini wifi antennae. Turns out the 48mm ones share the same antenna as the shorter ones, but have a longer housing so you can just trim the housing (like I've done with the bottom antenna)

  11. I'm not surprised, this is why I never bothered with the dual band ones from AliExpress.

  12. OK this is super late but this also happened to me, the LED was essentially faulty. The LED has 3 colours, Blue and Green aren't working.

  13. First off, keep in mind that every Ryzen 7000 is going to have an iGPU. Next remember that they're going to support USB4, meaning an external GPU is an option.

  14. A couple of things: The 5700G iGPU is a little faster than the 3400G most of the time, though the margin may be small enough to ignore. And do not use one stick of ram, single channel tanks performance.

  15. If you're worried about the cooling but still want it to be quieter, how about controlling the Noctua fan with your motherboard? Just set up the fan curve with your CPU temps, it won't be perfect but it should work well enough.

  16. Could be a software issue, a factory reset is worth trying. If that doesn't work then it's probably a hardware issue, use your USB-A charger until you can't.

  17. Does this still work with the latest F15c Bios? Planning on using my old board with a 3200G a friend gave me. Any reply would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

  18. No idea unfortunately. I know there's a program you can use to check the bios that lists the compatible CPUs with an ID, can't remember the name of it though.

  19. Try eBay, though I'm not sure if the price is competitive.

  20. Etsy and AliExpress are probably your best bets.

  21. Is it by any chance the touch screen?

  22. Not that I'm aware of, the fans cost the manufacturers a fraction of their retail price so it makes little sense for them to consider not including one. If you can't use it sell it, give it away or keep it as a spare.

  23. I am looking for the smallest L shaped ones , but in white . Any idea where to get from ?

  24. Check SFF Noir on Amazon, I don't know if the have stock but I'm pretty sure no one else sells them in white.

  25. The larger ones on the right. I have them, but rarely use wifi and when I do the router is right next to the computer, so I’m not sure if the 5Ghz is good or not.

  26. Oh those, they're generic 2.4GHz antennas from an old router, before we even had 5GHz. They work fine for me too on 5GHz (as do all the others), but I'm also close to my router.

  27. Here is how it ended up looking:

  28. Is there a gap between the heatsink and fans? For a tight fin stack the fans really need to be right up against it to be effective.

  29. The Fans are right up against the side panel. However there's not much I can do about that, because of space constraints (I'm already using thin fans).

  30. That's too bad, it is what it is, I would just go back to the stock fans if they gave better results.

  31. Super useful stuff, thank you. But just to be clear, your NF-A9x14 experience referred to the 12mm clearance situation, right?

  32. That's correct yes. I installed a 25mm thick NF-A9 fan onto the same heatsink which was right up against the side panel and the noise and temps were significantly worse.

  33. My experience with a decent vented panel (large holes that are a little too far apart) has been as follows:

  34. If you haven't updated the phone recently then it's probably a hardware issue no? Can you test the charger with another phone or your phone with another charger?

  35. It is as updated as a Pixel 3XL can be. I am going to use wired charging for now since this is the only wireless chargeable phone I have.

  36. 10W is fast wireless charging, but since yours worked before reliably then it shouldn't be a compatibility issue.

  37. Where did you pay a dollar for this, do you have a link?

  38. The fans did lower temps significantly when doing CPU intensive work (multithread compiling, all threads >80% for awhile). However, that was before I removed the faceplate.

  39. Interesting. It seems like the limited exhaust ventilation was affecting temps in it's stock state, surprising as I would have assumed the top and rear holes would have been enough.

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