1. I ordered the x hat and it’s way different than the tour version. They fucked us

  2. Bruh my X hat just came in and I am beyond disappointed 😭

  3. It’s on Amazon and Target website

  4. for the first show the shirts were $45 😭

  5. I’m pretty sure it’s gildan blanks

  6. I think you get a beanie, cinch bag, vip laminate signed by ken, and then early entrance into the venue and merch

  7. Where did he say he won’t be opening for Denzel anymore?

  8. Denzel posted the tour dates with updated openers and Kenny isn’t on the list anymore

  9. Pulling up to the Sacramento show 🙏 y’all should use the presale code to get tickets

  10. I’m gonna probably see you there, thanks for the code, where you put it in at?

  11. I got tickets on Tuesday. When you go on Ticketmaster and press on the event it should ask for a code. Or you can just wait until general public tickets come out tomorrow I don’t think it will sell out quick.

  12. Where did you get the shelf on the right from?

  13. I got the hoodie and the hat when it dropped 🔥 gonna wear it when I see him perform

  14. I just recently got 2 emails one saying my order is complete, and another saying its being prepaired along w tracking. And my tracking says pre-shipment info was sent they jus waiting for the item

  15. Yesssirr me too but I ain’t believing this man until the hoodie is physically in my hand 😭😭

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