1. This car has man tits, nobody can tell me otherwise

  2. I'd like to be a female for like a week but I couldn't deal with that longterm. Periods and pregnancy sound like a real drag

  3. What an awful way to vote. You have 10 whole votes and some people have managed to leave ER or GOW out of those 10 games.

  4. Some people probably not voting for them out of spite, there's a lot of people who don't like Sony because they play Xbox and would vote against GOW, there's a lot of people who think ER is too hard.

  5. I'm just not interested in either one, personally. :I

  6. Animal respect is the most arbitrary thing ive seen in the comments lol. Maybe it tastes good chief.

  7. Turtles are apparently among the most delicious animals, there's a species of turtle (can't remember which) but it was just too damn delicious to be studied. Scientists would request sailors to find and bring them one but eventually on the journey back they'd eat the turtle.

  8. Adderall is not legal meth. Just because it has a version of amphetamine in it does not make it meth. Adderall is as close to meth as it is to MDMA or speed or ephedrine (blood pressure and asthma drug), they are of the same chemical family but are not interchangeable.

  9. Can someone explain to me how a virgin birth is possible? If anyone today claimed they had a virgin birth they’d be laughed at lol

  10. Asexual reproduction is common in nature just not in humans, however even if a human were to undergo a asexual reproduction the resultant child would have to be female as females are the only ones who can give birth and they lack the y chromosome. And even if they did have a y chromosome, the resultant child would develop with either 2 X or 2 y chromosomes. Nobody can survive without an X chromosome, it's just not possible.

  11. Maybe in any game. Can't think of any on hand that have a secondary mode equal or better than the main game

  12. Battle royale has outshined the main mode a couple of times in games. Just saying

  13. This sport is like the original 'Fuck around and find out'

  14. But not every tourist is probably going to be as rich as you na?

  15. I'm not trying to bash on someone for being poor but if you straight up run out of money on holiday that's because of poor planning, on day one you should figure out how much things are costing and adjust your spending accordingly.

  16. They'll debt-trap Russia and ask for their bases as collateral. Free real estate.

  17. Funny thing is Russia will probably be buying all the weapons and bullshit off china also, so it's basically paid off twice.

  18. One thing I'll note about your list, obviously it's your opinion and it's all subjective, but Maliketh is really fun when you get properly good at fighting him. His moveset is completely rhythm based it's like a dance, his main issue is the second phase lacks health.

  19. Why is it “realistic” that a woman’s role in the story be that they either sacrifice themselves or help a male character out when they’re in need.

  20. Because it's a shounen. If it were about a female lead where the males played more of a support role then it would be a shoujo.

  21. Do what makes you happy, if that means changing then change, if it means staying the same then stay the same. If you're unhappy in a relationship then either fix it or leave, it's that simple

  22. Experts agree: Your choice of attire, makes birds sing. High five ✋

  23. Gon can track people by scent alone for seemingly kilometers. If Ging is similar he just needed to get in range of Mitos scent and then he'd find her with ease

  24. When starting a cult it must be great to find people like this who just make up reality on the fly

  25. Sorry, I just presumed with your name. A lot of blind hate against Jewish ppl lately.

  26. oh. well nevermind then. Mind yr fkin business ya twat

  27. Oh my god they both have white hair, this guy could be onto something

  28. Hey hey dont forget they were both in the same room as that iron chair thing

  29. Where in Japan? I never got N-dropped. But god did they have a lot of misconceptions about me based on race.

  30. Just checking back in to say it's going quite well, great choice

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