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  1. I've heard that one of the reasons we kiss and do some of the nasty stuff we do when we are in a sexual mood, is from the evolutionary advantage of sharing germs and showing your partner that your immune system is good enough to withstand them.

  2. when they have a high blood cell count: 🥰😍😍😍

  3. didn’t even call it ‘bored burger’…

  4. hearing him speak is basically just the devil’s tri-tone with how much cognitive dissonance he runs off of

  5. oh no there’s a slit in every bag all of a sudden oh nooo

  6. twitter artist has a lesbian couple and an image of them with their appropriate ages made it to a tiktok video and children in the comments were whining despite them both being consenting adults

  7. bro that’s an rdr2 cheat code

  8. ph my goodness me i am going to have a heart attack

  9. fun fact: that was the REAL jerma in that dream. he is known to invade people’s dreams. it’s even happened to me before.

  10. Can confirm this, as it happened to me too, Jerma wanted to hunt me down like a wild animal it was scary

  11. he was in the corner of a baseball field tying his shoe and also i’m nearly certain that i dreamt that far before the baseball stream was announced. was he trying to tell me something?

  12. what even is a tankie? just like... a communist?

  13. authoritarian communists with a boner for NK, China, and [Soviet] Russia

  14. man i wish i had a way stop my vehicle exceptionally quickly

  15. You think this maniac would only murder off stream? I remember when he just fuckin stabbed somebody on stream with his webcam on and when he started dragging the body away chat just started cheering for this absolute maniac. Don't he even get me started on the time he claimed he was "zerked out of his mind" and fuckin beat someone to death for claiming he died to pinwheel 15 times in a row. This man truly is FUCKED

  16. he murdered otto on stream early on in his career. i think that’s the only murder he feels remorse for since he keeps hallucinating that he’s still around

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