USA 🇺🇸 beat Iran and qualify to FIFA World Cup Round of 16

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  1. The first few months will go by fine and then the issues will arise. Panic attacks, brain fog, not remembering things as clearly, emotional emptiness, mood swings, lack of motivation and concentration. Stop it

  2. These will only be the very mildest symptoms from the brain damage you’d end up doing if you keep using. Shit is literally frying your brain.

  3. Playing against a team in a table is very different from playing in a knock off stage. I don't think USA has a chance if they meet england in a kock off stage.

  4. The Netherlands humiliated England a few years back though

  5. The U.S. is currently ranked 16th in the world by FIFA. Considering their relative youth, making it to the knock-out stage is a great achievement for this team. Playing the Netherlands in the next round is the best possible outcome.

  6. I do agree that you stand a chance vs the Netherlands but if they get their team running your out period.

  7. The Netherlands is inconsistent but they can shit stomp pretty much any team if they get rolling. Or lose to any team.

  8. Agreed but you never know if things don’t get rolling were defenitely out not saturday but next week for sure.

  9. Netherlands have never went out in groups before though so we’ll see if the US can break the streak.

  10. Wonder how the netherlands aquired that much for being such a small country…. …..

  11. We bought it lol.. all gold we stole in the past directly went to fund new wars.

  12. Also someone taking 15 rounds to the head wasn’t particularly advertised as well, unless you would call this realism?

  13. you aren’t allowed to circlejerk unless you partake.

  14. Play Camille, judging by your champs I’m assuming you like skilled toplaners who can carry which Camille definitely is.

  15. Hell yeah. We had a few excellent opportunities to score as well

  16. The US is looking surprisingly well put together, really playing well as a team despite not having many quality players.

  17. How much ? Here in Argentina I smoke red marlboro and it costs something like 1.5 or 2 dollars like a lot ($450 pesos)

  18. Sort of cough syrup which in high doses makes you hallucinate

  19. I did the total opposite my first trip lol, I took 3g and hit my dab a bunch of times. It paid off and it was amazing. But I def think I was over ambitious and should’ve started lower, like I did the second time

  20. Yeah as a Dutchie, all drugs here are cheap as fuck and the quality is very good. However it brings huge amounts of violence which luckily us regular citzens don’t really have to deal with.

  21. As you can tell this is police brutality at its finest, in the longer version one of the cops shoot them all but the cops cut it out 🤓

  22. My sister went to work in Sweden as an exchange teacher and she called me a few days after she started. She was talking about how it's wild that they just put the kids outside the school at the end of the day and they just find their own way home on public transit.

  23. Here in the Netherlands everyone just cycles home alone, usually starts at like 7 years old. Some were brought by car because they lived near very busy roads or lived quite far away. But around 80% of kids in middle school go to school by bike and honestly the freedom this gives you as a kid is why Dutch kids are ranked as ‘most happy’ in the world.

  24. I've had the most profound trip's alone. You don't have to worry about anyone fucking with you

  25. Yeah and there’s no like pressure kinda feeling. Just do the shit you feel like doing without a problem, even that feeling itself is nice.

  26. What is even the point of this subreddit? We're outjerked every single fucking time.

  27. Yeah this looked extremely deadly, honestly would be surprised if he survived this.. made me jump just watching it, can’t imagine looking at the light for one second only to see this coming at you.

  28. The news have not reported the motorcyclist deceased, so I’m hopeful he lives. But I wonder what he would be like after this… This is so awful. How do you think this footage got out…that’s really messed up for someone to release this.

  29. Police investigation or family could have. But yeah don’t think that the family would publish this video if it were in fact his last moments. Either way dead or not that destroyed his body and mental well-being forever.

  30. Struggling to find any champagne crystals in UK. Very sad

  31. The campaign is good, but indeed too short to make it worth buying.

  32. bears, beers, weed, semi legal psychedelic's, come join the party my man!

  33. Sounds like Netherlands except for the bears, we don’t have those.

  34. Lol ketamine doesn’t make you lose inhibitions like that.

  35. the shop gets the weed on the illegal way… consumer can carry up to 5g without problems

  36. Also it’s not Amsterdam it’s all the Netherlands.

  37. Yes this power is channeled through the inhalation of meth smoked from a pipe.

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