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I decided to add dimensional specific crops that can only grow in their natural environments. Here's a very early look, what do you guys think?

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  1. The P Junction mosfet will act as a switch for your motor while the switch that comes with the battery will allow you to turn the mechanism as a whole on and off. Therefore there will be no need to disassemble that piece.

  2. I have also not played .5 yet but I have seen posts of people sending trains through nether portals. Seems you could load one up with lava and transport it back to the overworld.


  4. Like with machines that produce gasses/fluids, I believe there is a button beneath the energy capacity meter within the turbine that allows your to “Dump Excess.”

  5. With Mekanism I believe the idea is to achieve ore multiplication through processing. You can achieve 5x yields this way with every ore, while fortune 3 gives at max 4 diamonds.

  6. Yep, that was it. Offset the contacts from the shaft, and it's working now.

  7. I recently tried to make a similar tree farm but found that the gantry would stop in place after colliding with leaves from the tree, I kind of assumed the gantry could clip through blocks like minecart contraptions can. How did you work around this, is your gantry smaller/lower to allow it to go under the leaves?

  8. I encountered this exact same problem, and it ended up driving a few design iterations.

  9. Interesting, I may revisit the idea of using gantries as I want to diversify the machines/methods I am using for my farms. Thanks for the ideas.

  10. Why would I read something that’s obviously purposely misleading?

  11. It’s not misleading if you read it. It clearly states the duration of 100% dependence on renewables only lasted a few minutes. And that a lot of progress still needs to be made before 100% full time dependence can be achieved

  12. You just described a misleading clickbait title, thanks

  13. Or the whole damn planet's always spherical shadow on the Moon during an eclipse...

  14. Both a sphere(3d) and a disk(2d) cast circular shadows. Unless you were to turn that disk sideways so that you were seeing the side. Then it would cast a shadow in the shape of a line (1d)

  15. Could you send me info? Also, how many active players do you currently have?

  16. Will do! We currently average around 20 unique players each day, with an average of 5 players on at a time (it can go up to 10 at night)

  17. Not every employee needs to be able to support a family.

  18. You need help, I just saw your profile

  19. How much of an upgrade from my quadro m4000 is this? It’s all I’ve ever known

  20. There is an item called the rotation speed controller.

  21. Using a mix of red stone and create’s sorting capabilities, you could send each ingredient to its own dedicated chest, use comparators to determine if there is something in the chest, and once each comparator detects an item in each ingredient chest, pulse a red stone signal to a brass item funnel so that one item is ejected and sent into the pot.

  22. Emphasis on light. Use the cold setting and you should be fine.

  23. I don’t think there is really a need to use the cold setting. People have put PC parts in ovens before to dry them out. The only thing you need to worry abour is plastic but a hair dryer shouldnt melt plastic.

  24. But did you know you can I do this with lava (obsidian) too?

  25. No this won’t work with lava

  26. Because the standards you have aren’t your own. You are blindly following the standards of the public majorities opinion.

  27. To put this in perspective, Pluto is roughly 40AU from the sun. .2 light years is 12,600 AU.

  28. You just answered your own question. We have made it 1% of the way there in 40 years. So at our current state we have the capability to make it there in 4,000 years. Leaving 1,296,000 to spare.

  29. that building has a weird Blue Lives Matter flag vibe to it, like, creepily so

  30. Relating two completely unrelated things

  31. Spending $900 on a 3060Ti or even $765 is 100% a terrible deal. Already way over what these cards are worth. Also the Zotac won’t infect your PC with venereal disease like most make it out.

  32. I tend to agree that the media twists his words but after listening to the interview I do not see any misinformation. Is there something I am missing?

  33. Person on computer/phone criticizes kid in the outdoors for looking at his phone, how ironic.

  34. There is wayyy more content that isn't shown here, not to mention that what you are looking at is temporary textures. I've added a total of 10 different crop types with many new mechanics.

  35. Purrberries and gazing are good names but I like blurrberries and maybe Blind Eye are more fitting. Like the berries are related to blurry vision

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