1. So delicious, I use a cake mix for the base!

  2. Hey he’s a Dallas Cowboy now so let’s see what he’s still got!

  3. Good sign. Can’t let someone with cool hair like that go.

  4. At this rate he’s about to answer a phone call from our front office

  5. I brought lunch, but I think I might go rogue and get a Burrito.

  6. Obvious choice because as I’ve said, it’s the best sandwich

  7. Oh man, 550s on a treadmill No thanks haha

  8. To be objectively fair to the Eagles D, you had the bad field and were against Reid/Mahomes, probably the strongest offensive scheme in this league if not of all time.

  9. I know everyone here is on the edge of their seat for speculative long snapper news.

  10. You’re damn right! I can barely get my work done today because I can’t stop thinking about this.

  11. I wonder if they’ll start the season with him or the rookie

  12. 49ers are going to have a dedicated QB practice every week so that anybody can play the position

  13. "Hey, we should do the same practice for playing center."

  14. Everything about that season was madden. Lead the league in passing yards? Check. Throw a ton of touchdowns? Check. Throw 30 picks, several of which are pick sixes? Check.

  15. Highlight is from 2016 (4090 yards, 28 TDs, 18 Ints). His best season by far, though we all know it ended as you described.

  16. Probably should have just said “everything about Jameis Winston is Madden” lol

  17. Y’all should be sorry for hurting Jamaal’s feelings though :(

  18. Definitely wanted to keep him 😭

  19. Be careful. There’s a certain saying out there about the messenger.

  20. I’d hope we’d take a look at Damien Harris. Really though I’d like to anchor Pollard as the vet, see what Malik Davis can do and go with a drafted RB. Although that’s assuming all 3 of those guys work out… so I guess ya we should be looking in FA too..

  21. I agree with this. I was also interested in Perine but the broncos already picked him up

  22. Why… give me a nasty big DT to further help that defense. Draft an RB later.

  23. I 99% agree with drafting a RB later but Bijon is somebody I wouldn’t mind making the exception for. He looks like a very gifted player. Especially if there isn’t a “nasty DT” (love the description btw) available at the time.

  24. Madden will be forced to unban that name that I’ve totally never tried to use

  25. Yeah Stafford could never make it to the big time

  26. A tragedy, really. All Stafford ever wanted was to make it to the big time.

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