1. damn i hope they resolve it. im surprised cus i always weigh mine from BR and it’s always a lil bit over

  2. i ended up finding it in march after all the snow came and then melted😂😂

  3. BR been killing it. Lemon Dosidos is one of my favs, try it if you haven’t already

  4. That’s a bar if I’ve ever seen one

  5. Word, I have all 10mm and I love them not too small not too big I can still roll a baseball bat if I want with it. How many you got?

  6. i have 6 in total, 1 one 10mm, four 11mm and one 12mm

  7. been hearing crazy things about that Chef!!

  8. these burn for a solid 45 min, once it hits the rosin it burns super slow. the best way to see the “donut” or “hash hole” is waiting until the burn gets to the rosin, and tap the ash off, revealing that beautiful rosin hole

  9. Is that rosin through the middle?? Looks delicious

  10. yes! galaxy of rosin melting away in the middle!

  11. use a straw to scrape up then squeeze the live resin onto your tool

  12. how’s that orange cookies delta 8 vape? i just looked em up seem pretty cool but damn they expensive lol

  13. It’s super legit , i got it from a homie so I honestly don’t know what the price tag is lol

  14. they started releasing these all over the US around the new year, i found some while out of town and thought i hit a gold mine😂😂

  15. if i’m smoking a blunt it’s only ever a dutch or leaf🔥

  16. feel free to comment some of your favs; I can’t get away from Klutch. 🤤 Open to hearing some Cart & Wax recommendations too!

  17. I always get Klutch for my 1/10th jars but because their half oz’s are very limited i tend to buy Grow Ohio Butterfly Effect! Every half seems to be better than the last, they are consistently improving quality in my opinion

  18. i’ve had a few halves that didn’t meet expectations but others have been very nice. To each their own but Nothing beats Klutch in my book but i’ve yet to try Woodward

  19. Lots of people with expensive bangers will keep iso and qtips out and clean the banger after each dab.

  20. everyone should q tip your banger after imho. keeps it nice n clean!

  21. I also got Super Lemon Dog. Haven’t tried it yet. Klutch is really on point.

  22. Super Lemon Dog is super terpy tastes like a lemonade or lemon candy

  23. That must’ve been the extra .1 that my jar of Mac 1 was short of!! I got a jar with only 2.7 but can’t complain Klutch never disappoints on quality

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