1. I've always been against cheaters and I'm pretty good at the game. But the state of the game is very shocking, so last weekend out of no where I decided to check out some cheats.. yes I risked my activation account that I've had for years on multiple cods just to cheat... so I got a 24 hr package installed a loader and off I went....

  2. respect the honesty. This is how is start. If you can’t beat them join them. Honestly it’s the games fault. They are able to detect things and choose not to. They know if if banned hackers they would lose more than 50% of PC players.

  3. No way people really believe that many people cheat lmao

  4. If you’re only winning 2 out of 20 games with cheats then you’re a trashcan with legs

  5. A dead game means a low player count. If wz1 was dead after verdansk it wouldn’t have been one of the top viewed games on twitch. Meanwhile yesterday scump had more people watching his cdl watch party than wz2 had viewers.

  6. People who watch twitch ARE THE MINORITY

  7. That’s true but it shows overall trends in the community. People aren’t going to watch something they don’t find enjoyable or entertaining and usually games with higher player counts have the higher viewership and games with lower player count have lower viewership.

  8. Shadow banned doesn’t mean someone is cheating. People are put in “cheater lobbies” for a week while the account is under review and in the case of everyone I’ve seen that’s been shadow banned they are cleared and then able to play like normal again. Idk why people can’t understand the difference between a shadow ban and a ban.

  9. 2.9 kd wz1. If the gun screen is right then over a 3 on wz2. The game is horrible in its current state and these changes are much needed.

  10. I hate that the loudest people get the game changed because they can't adapt to change. The game is going to be unplayable, just like wz1 is.

  11. We all adapted fine, they just made some awful changes from wz1 originally. The two changes I’ve seen over the last couple of days have been ones good players are asking for.

  12. Of course better players like the new game less. It’s a different game to learn. They were good before and now the rules have changed. Old tricks don’t work. New tricks need to be mastered.

  13. Most people that are good at one game are also good at others. Also most people who are good at games find enjoyment in getting better. If there were new skills to learn then better players would be liking it.

  14. If you're saying that just as many 3.0 people voted as 1.0 people, I would be very very surprised if you were right (and nothing in that graph or tweet indicates you are)

  15. If nothing in the graph indicates that then why are you reading it that way. I’m just confused on what you’re not understanding about the graph.

  16. This just looks like a not great player. I’m guessing it’s a bait post?

  17. they want it changed because they can't go around slapping everyone for their stupid youtube videos.

  18. They’re still dropping 20 and 30 kills games regularly and many are getting nukes as well. You can be good at a game and still realize it needs improvements.

  19. I agree with pretty much all of these. These will make the game much more competitive and add some of the fun factor back that the game is missing.

  20. One can argue that there’s are so many ground loot score streaks , and if you really are that good , you should be able to even more kill streaks than previous via looting after killing people . But here on wz2 you have to earn them , you can’t just buy a million kill streaks , you have to earn them via battle or looting . Which in my opinion is a far better way of getting them

  21. This is the opposite of true. The best way to get money in wz1 was from doing contracts or getting kills and looting bodies. Therefore you were rewarded with money for moving around the map and being good at the game. Then you had to risk a buy station to get your 1 streak or 1 self revive. Now bad players can loot a building or two and find at least one self revive and killstreak then proceed to sit the entire game. There’s also no skill in holding a backpack full of self revives and streaks because they are then just easy bailouts. Nearly everything in this game is catered towards making it easier for “casual” players to go up against better players, which is what the devs have said they intended to do.

  22. You’re kind of contradicting yourself here . If streaks are so easy to come by , and player are storing them . Then by killing them you would now be the owner of all the stuff they’re packing . Am I wrong ?

  23. You’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. That’s a bad thing. Having all of those streaks shouldn’t be a thing to begin with. Apart from that in wz1 you would have to get multiple kills to get streaks or self revive and then have to go to a buy station which is something a bad player wouldn’t do or would die doing. In this game there is no incentive to move and risk your life. Someone can walk into your building and you could be sitting in a corner, get your one kill of the game, and boom you have a bag full of streaks and self revives without moving. It’s much better to have to actually move to get your streaks and self revive and only be able to hold one at a time.

  24. Mechanics are different, not inherently better. Only people unable to adapt will whine about slower and more strategic gameplay.

  25. Gun screen shows I have a little over a 3 on this game. Finished wz1 with just under a 3 but my seasonal kd’s were in the 3-4 kd range towards the end. Adapted to the change of pace fine. The slower and more “strategic” (getting a roof isn’t strategic but that’s what bots are calling it) gameplay is ass.

  26. ill have to wait until a top player comments on your last post so i can form an opinion. since only top player have valid ones and what ever they say is always 100% right

  27. Again the point is going right over your head. If you’d like to see top player perspectives you can turn on a stream or go to twitter. The point in me saying that is because usually the better the player the better they understand the game. I wouldn’t take advice on a game from a 1kd player as I’m sure you wouldn’t either. If you can’t look past the words and see why I’m saying something then just ask. It makes you look much less dumb than what you’ve been doing so far.

  28. I believe truegamedata and maybe xclusiveace did testing on this with multiple accounts and couldn’t find any evidence that it exists.

  29. They already made it so you can’t shoot while flying in because bots were getting shot out of the sky. Now we want to land with no gun at all?

  30. At a certain point you can shoot in the air. Happened to me yesterday. I do kinda like this idea though.

  31. You can when you get very very low. It’s an awful idea to drop in with no gun because if another team lands near you then you can’t fight back at all if they find a gun right away. At least now you can pistol them.

  32. They will try to tell you that you didn’t play it tactical enough, didnt use grenades, didn’t have 5 airstrikes saved up, didnt ADS walk up to the guy you just downed etc etc. In reality you couldnt even get your Vector up from sprinting and you were dead. Honestly the game will die down pretty fast if they dont fix it with season 2.. this zero communication is not helping them either lmao

  33. Go look at my comment history. The game is horrible but this was 100% a skill issue more than anything. Centering on the ground and running up with the rpk out instead of the smg is what costed this guy.

  34. I honestly don't care bro, just wanted to show how ridiculously fast i was dead. I counted 6 shots. I was full plated.

  35. Ttk is horrible and the game is in an awful state but you ran straight up centered on the ground with an rpk instead of switching to your smg when you knew the guy would be self reviving behind the rock.

  36. Just like everyone else who posts this, I don’t believe you. 🤷‍♂️

  37. A shadowban doesn’t mean you are cheating. It just means your account is under review. Most people who get a shadow ban are cleared within a week. If they’re cheating they receive an actual ban.

  38. I understand eventually I'll be cleared but this is unacceptable. I have payed for a service and their banning system is holding me out with 0 evidence or updates.

  39. Oh I agree with you. I was more just letting the other guy know what it is because a lot of people seem to not understand the difference between an actual ban and a shadow ban.

  40. Absolute sweat fest but actually enjoyable

  41. I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now and have only played a handful of games with above a 1 kd lobby. Been enjoying it a lot though.

  42. I am comparing TTKs when the health was the same and basically no one was complaining about the overall TTK.

  43. The ttk/health were increased specifically because people were complaining. Also in wz1 you didn’t move like you were stuck in mud so you could make a player miss a shot or two which increased the ttk in most engagements. In this you can try and wiggle to make someone miss a shot or two but it generally doesn’t work.

  44. I only played the first week or two after launch for maybe an hour or two at a time and had a 25 kill game in solos. I see no reason why someone can’t get 30+ especially if they’re playing in modes other than solos and trying to 1vX fights.

  45. Maybe because this clown claims all the time he drops 30 kill wins like nothing......

  46. You following me lmao? You can literally look up my stats and see them. I’ve not said anything that’s false. You must be one of the bots that has an inflated ego from wz2 giving you some freebies

  47. Yeah your comment history was ao dumb i wanted to enjoy another laugh at you.

  48. Well I’ve only stated facts so I guess you’re the moron here.

  49. Oh look. Youre wrong about everything you write about.

  50. Nope, that’s pretty straight forward exactly what it is lol. See someone’s in your lobby, look them up, leave the stream up and you know where they are and what they’re saying. Not really up for debate. People aren’t out here trying to queue snipe people most of the time. They’re noticing they’re in the same lobby and pulling up the stream to see where they are. Which this wasn’t really this guys intention from what he says, but it’s exactly what he did.

  51. They can use a delay but most aren’t using them so it’s like 10-15 seconds off. Doesn’t mean it’s not stream sniping still

  52. Wrong. The movement is a huge step back on this game. Not talking about slide cancelling, just the slow and clunky movement is much worse than anything in wz1.

  53. Am I the only one who thinks that proximity chat shouldn’t be an option to turn off on DMZ? Also I don’t get why so many people wanna talk in parties and discord while playing DMZ when you can’t hear enemies. Seems dumb.