1. Im a Chinese and I’m so sick of staged shit like this from my country trending everywhere

  2. Observation of one type of viewers and comments is hardly enough evidence to conclude the whole of users.

  3. Of course. Facebook users are so disappointing

  4. 可能性不小,但不确定性也很大。促成台海开战的可能原因很多,包括台湾宣布独立,中西彻底摊牌,台湾那边不宣布独立但进行一些标志性举动,中国脑子短路,中国出现严重的社会或者政治危机需要战争转移矛盾,等等。这个分析需要考虑的变量太多了,再牛逼的时政专家也说不准,只能说可能性确实很大。

  5. This is an English sub, I’m pretty sure your post will soon be deleted by mods. So, post it in English or try

  6. I feel like i've seen them do other ridiculous stuff, where can i find it?

  7. They are Chinese and they post this on some Chinese apps.

  8. I worked at a 11-7 job, it was fantastic

  9. 虚拟号或者接码平台就行

  10. 好像不太行哦,能自动识别虚拟号的

  11. 那就像别人说的那样,淘宝买外国手机号或者手机卡

  12. 没啥大不了的,法治国家,做这个决定是就事论事,有依据的,只要Open AI把隐私政策做一下调整,复合意大利规定,就会解封

  13. Well, many countries use dollars (of course not US dollars), such as Canada, Australia and Singapore. Their currency sign is also $.

  14. Which European can’t locate Alaska and Hawaii?

  15. Ok your opinion is kindly noted and now please proceed to your own business. Sorry, joking, what do you think is the best?

  16. So you are telling me that you are disagreeing for no actual reason?

  17. I doubt that he put it this way, but Washington could rightfully say that he was the greatest president.

  18. Really? Can you give some examples?

  19. You got the Star Trek universal translator confused with reality! LoL

  20. A lot of people, like you, say something about the Star Trek movie, but actually I didn’t watch it 😅

  21. OP, I just want to say this is a good question. No reason you should have known the answer, and asking questions is a great way to learn something new. I learned quite a lot from the comments below. Have a great day!

  22. Buy me a beer and you’ll have one more friend

  23. This is not wrong but also not very correct. Many factors matter here.

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