1. I got a white X2 mini cause the red was out of stock on Amazon CA. Returning it as the right click wobbles. Got the red one coming as it was literally available two days later. Fingers crossed no QC issues.

  2. Just the angle, he's much smaller then Oliver my other boy.

  3. Cringer and momo are very cute look like they are quiet bonded.

  4. I name my new boy Enzo too! Congrats on the great name choice.

  5. I bought some kibble treats as my kitty eats raw food. He loved to smell them, but never bothered with eating them. I ended up putting it in his mouth myself and now he loves them. Very odd but it worked.

  6. Look at the color change wow so beautiful

  7. What's the weights of the male and female, he seems to be quite well built. She seems fair and slender. Beautiful cats BTW.

  8. They're both male. The one on the left is 6 months and the one on the right is a little over a year. My big is about 15 lbs and my little is 9 lbs.

  9. Wow both big boys, they look like they love to go for rides.

  10. My boy Oliver is the same age, I have him eatting Tiki cats wet food mixed with Orejen kitten formula. I will be slowly transitioning him to raw. He seems to be quiet a picky eatter so I've always mixed his kibble with wet. Breeders had him eatting wet and kibble to his preferences. I would recommend wet over dry, and raw over wet.

  11. Jinx has a very handsome face 😍. Big Ole nose and cheeks.

  12. What are some wet food suggestions, I'm currently looking at Tiki cat.

  13. He is full of energy, and just 2.5 months old!

  14. Gorgeous eyes πŸ‘€ 😍

  15. What backpack is this? Do you have a link?

  16. Yea this was one of the options I was looking at. OFC and Ziggydoo wheels do come out to around the same price for my location. If you were to choose what would you go with based off you and your friends experience?

  17. We have two wheels, one is made by Bundas Bengals in Ontario (not sure they are making them anymore) it's a smaller wheel, but very quiet, and our other wheel is a OneFastCat wheel. The ofc wheel is a better size, although much louder than the bundas wheel. If you are close to the border, I would order the wheel to one of those parcel delivery places i the US, then do a day trip to pick it up.... That'll save you a bunch on shipping!

  18. I live in northern Alberta so shipping is always a hassle. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  19. I basically got the same answer too. I put in a ticket as I was getting frequent outages and they want to replace my round one with a square one.

  20. Was this recently, or do you have the square dish setup already. If so were there improvements?

  21. Support added the ethernet adapter free of charge

  22. Wait this happened to me but with a Z-690 motherboard

  23. That's the correct approach i feel. Get a decent ddr4 Mobo ram, sell once ddr5 drops prices

  24. That's the plan, gonna hopefully upgrade my GPU from a 1080ti to a 4000 series or maybe even an Intel gpu if they release.

  25. I have superglides and mine have experienced enough slowdown to make me just take them off my mouse and put the stock xlite skates back on.

  26. How easy were they to remove? Thinking they'd be nice to reapply for switch swaps.

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