I made a Dominus out of Lego

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Patch Notes: Season 3 Live

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  1. Disclaimer: Yes I know this is some quality shaky camera. Ignore the background mess, currently moving out and the background is the current depository for things we don’t need.

  2. You know that you can download Windows 10. Might be a good idea to download it, as its probably a newer version then the retail USB copy.

  3. Yeah thats true, but I don’t have an empty USB laying around to download it on. So I have to install windows first to reach the BIOS screen?

  4. You are plugging the monitor into the correct video port, right?

  5. Yeah I’m using an HDMI cable into the gpu. The monitor recognizes that it has been inserted (the “no signal” text goes away) but after that the BIOS never shows nor does anything saying something like “press DEL to enter bios”.

  6. Im with you man, I thought with the Epic purchase they would start crunching out more content but i guess I expected too much. With how often people put out custom maps like lethamyr, you’d think a team of people could do more. Perhaps I’m being too harsh but there hasn’t been anything substantial in terms on gameplay content in the past 2 years or so. Besides the tournament overhaul that is. Custom maps on console would increase the longevity of the game immensely.

  7. So basically there is nothing substantially new (e.g. 2v2 tournaments, no 120fps on ps5, no workshops on consoles, no new hoops map, etc.). I’m quite bummed honestly: i thought the season delay was due to some big changes being implemented.

  8. Im with you, i was hoping we’d see something actually new and exciting gameplay wise, but nope

  9. Anyone who says techno is the worst doesn’t know what they are talking about. Doubling down on blighted rounds with vulnerable application is extremely OP. I steam rolled through WT 7-10 with this kind of set up

  10. It really awesome. Combine it with the top perk tree and the vulnerability boost/synergy in the second tree and it shreds. Entire groups of enemies get poisoned and vulnerable after spraying the LMG.

  11. I'm thinking of trying it with minigun and anomaly boost on kill mod but I'm not sure because you lose a lot of mobility with the minigun out. I'll have to see once the servers are "fixed."

  12. I don’t think you can apply blighted rounds with the minigun out. At least i tried once and i didn’t think it worked. Would be nuts if so tho

  13. You can play solo or with 2 others for a max of a 3 person squad. It is a PvE game only

  14. I haven’t started the full game yet, but played through the demo to the end. When will I be able to access crafting? Will it already be available when I start, or do I need to do the next main quests first?

  15. Once you head to the next area, right where the beta left off, you have complete the main quest in that area and then you will be able to craft. Id say 1-2 hours into the game, (starting from the end of the demo) you gain access to crafting.

  16. On xbox series X, havnt had any crashing problems in the demo or the full release so far. Could be a playstation thing?

  17. I've had about 3 or 4 crashes on Xbox SX in about 12 hours on full release, which I wouldn't say is too bad for a new launch, but hopefully gets fixed

  18. ...and after doing this the items will be in your inventory, but you won't get the New Item popup when the game starts.

  19. So I’ve restarted my game a few times and still nothing :/

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