1. Youre not alone ill be in a halfway within the month. I got out of rehab in april but its rough out here. Keep youre dome piece home piece much love

  2. Good luck with it! I already don't leave the house lol but I'll be homeless in April if I don't get it together. Hopefully I get my job back for going to treatment but ideally disability due to an injury.

  3. I like slayer for active training, and NMZ for more AFK training.

  4. I’ve seen the wiki guide for which bosses to fight for XP or points, so that side of things is pretty much taken care of :)

  5. I wish I hadn't seen this, sold all mine from the 99 agility grind close to 60k and was blissfully ignorant

  6. Yep. Got to sell 2 at 120k the other day and had to double-take and thought RL must've been wrong, haha.

  7. Anyone know where this was said? I've been trying to look for the list of all the items but can't find it :( TIA

  8. Ash said on Twitter that another mod is working on a list of items to add. Said it could be January but not fully sure.

  9. I only use purple because it was my mother's favorite color and when she died it became mine. Same for God dhide.

  10. There are entrances to death’s domain (his office) in Ferox and the Seer’s church cemetary at least, i’m sure there’s more locations

  11. I have yet to create other bolts, so I was unaware that all bolts work this way.

  12. Youtube shorts is full of people reposting it, getting him on podcast/talkshows, etc. Literally blocking and marking everything as "not interested" and "don't recommend this channel" doesn't help.

  13. A lot of people think the same until you get to know how his business works and his personality. Hes actually pretty thoughtful. His goal is to give money away but can only do that if advertisers think his vids will get views. He spent years studying the youtube alg to make it work for him and hes giving away all the sponsor money as a the gag. I used to agree and think it was on the nose but the money wouldnt be getting to people without the circus behind it. He also has a philanthropy channel that is more direct need. Hes not unaware enough to not realize its a bit of a show to be able to draw views but he sees it as a net positive. He still lives pretty humbly outside the antics of the videos.

  14. If your experience really is walk in, tb, freeze, unalive, then maybe your problem really is learning how to tank and escape pkers. Revs are actually incredibly easy to be a pvmer in currently.

  15. 100% this. I'm not a pker but escaping is easy. Bring 2 brews and a restore(2) since you'll probably get a blighted resto drop within a few minutes. Not to mention manta drops. Idk about imps but dragons drop anglers and often 15 mantas.

  16. I get that the 100k is easy to make up, but for someone who tends to avoid pvp because I keep putting off learning how, I usually stick to imps, goblins and hobgoblins. Good to know that if I do feel a little brave I could make a fair bit more. Just don't like paying just to reward someone for killing me

  17. Attack them back. Make sure skull protection is on and bring entangle sack. I've been taking ice but you can get gap with entangle.

  18. Hell yeah man these last few levels are a slog lol.

  19. Hell yeah man, when I restart iron I'm definitely doing NMZ for herbs! 99 slayer and like 92-94 herb on the main.

  20. Unfortunately we can’t use nmz points for anything but imbues and redirection scrolls.

  21. Yeah, another dude reminded me. I haven't played either of my irons in a couple so I'll definitely need to check the iron efficiency guide again but no worries. Wasn't there a time a while back where you couldn't get scrolls either?

  22. Do your dailies everyday. Nmz for herb boxes. Herb runs. (Toadflax for low lvl) Birdhouse runs. Battlestaffs. These actually add up pretty quick. Birdhouses and herbs can be done every hour. Then I’d recommend watching some “unusual money makers” YouTubes. I think soup does some good ones. They aren’t super popular because they’re boring but can money to sustain the bond. Then just do what you want. Slayer is a great money maker once you hit gargoyles. At 75 slayer gargs can sustain a bond pretty well

  23. Man I didn't even mean to but neglected crafting my staves.. maybe waiting on orbs to buy cause I always put in at -5 or 10 for the bot dumps, idk.

  24. Yep. I grabbed the fang and lightbearer with how cheap they are and I'm amazed with how useful the new ring is. Great for skilling and PVM.

  25. Get your farming up, I make majority of my money with herb runs.

  26. Fuck yeah when sanfews were 40k I was. Making bank. I thin NBN were like 15k when I decided I was no farming temple trekking.

  27. Oh yeah they definitely aren't a big ticket item, but what they are is the 4th most bought potion in the game after prayer pots, sara brews and super restores!

  28. Honestly I hadn't considered that because I rarely use stams at my agility. I might bring a dose for tanking a pker but with the obelisks in the wildy and wildy elites I just use them.

  29. This comment was joke-ish, but could you explain what makes it seem delusional to you? Follows the same logic as the comment I answered to, no?

  30. Sorry, I've been on peyote but I thinks it's silly to think agility crystals are a big ticket item.

  31. people would cry that agility isnt fun to train,unfair etc,trying to make it cooking 2.0 , rather keep it separated from pvm, so skilling still has some kind of prestige to it.

  32. I enjoy agility. I'm only 90-91 but rooftops were chill cause I'm sitting the chugging beers and watching YT. I don't get why people whine and with the obstacles highlighted you barely have to glance at it.

  33. Wait what are merching clans and how do I join one? Merching has become my favorite skill in this game since I started a few month ago.

  34. Chaos altar. I assumed that it would be fine since it was an untradable.

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