1. Looks like it's at the beginning of the German school holidays.

  2. EGOSOFT is in NRW, their holidays are from 3.-15.

  3. Nice. Hoping most of the mods that need updating get updated. I assume core mods like VRO FOCW couple of kuertee mods will be quick or ready. Ahh well such is life when you play with only modded.

  4. Might take longer than you think, as ships will need to be adjusted to the new physics engine, the tools for which aren't out yet.

  5. Targeting surface elements is in the beta already

  6. So in the beta you can give order to your ships to target only a L storage / Refined metal on a station ?

  7. No, surface elements like engines, turrets, shields.

  8. Finde ich gut wenn am Ende ein komplettes Verbot aller Fangmethoden steht. Ich bin nicht der Meinung dass Berufsgruppen die schädlich für die Umwelt und Allgemeinheit sind nicht verboten werden dürfen. Alle Gewerbe müssen sich an Umweltauflagen halten. Wenn die Wahl zwischen Zerstörung und Verbot steht bin ich für Verbot. Wenn man erst damit alleine steht können andere folgen. Wenn niemand etwas macht passiert nichts. Alle Industrien verändern sich laufend, die Fischerei beutet ein Allgemeingut aus und hat es so übertrieben dass sich lange nicht erholen wird, wenn überhaupt .

  9. Fischerei ist eine wichtige Nahrungsquelle. Wäre schön, wenn wir es nutzen könnten ohne durch Überfischung das System kaputt zu machen.

  10. An incredibly American story. Couple who own 1.5 cars each getting into a tedious parking dispute with some busybody with nothing better to do, complete with recommendations to call the cops. Just need a bit of gunplay to complete the scene.

  11. I always love the entitlement of "of course I should be able to park my three huge machines on public space!". If you don't have the space for three cars, maybe don't have three cars?

  12. If its on sale on the Steam page....I have it. However I have looked and it says N/A for Kingdoms end.....I guess I don't own that.

  13. The update will be released alongside the DLC, yes. You can benefit from the patch without the DLC, the DLC will have new ships, sectors and missions.

  14. Gibt es dann nicht seltsame Schlupflöcher? Was passiert, wenn in Bayern Direktkandidaten antreten, die gerade aus der CSU ausgetreten sind, gewählt werden (weil Bayern und die CSU keinen eigenen Kandidaten aufstellt) und danach direkt wieder in die CSU eintreten?

  15. I don’t think it’s actually zero in a sense that the computer would freak out and throws out error because nothing can be divided by zero in math (dividing number by zero doesn’t make the result infinity).

  16. I still don't get why they haven't added a way to change between all the menu screens yet like you can in TW Warhammer. I really miss the first one with the alien space station orbiting the planet with a ship going towards it.

  17. You can do that really easily via mod, by overwriting the loading screen graphic

  18. Do any of their "victims" get a part of money from thoes fines ? Or is it just another organisation taking their cut ? How does this work ?

  19. https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/refunds/fortnite-refunds

  20. I'm still hoping that future updates bring more to the economy of the game. having the economy built around war is fine, but I wish there was also a parallel consumer focused economy. bringing luxury goods to station workforces or trade stations that in spirit deliver to the planets in the system. with terraforming as a way to change the supply and demand of planets and systems.

  21. Yeah, it would be quite nice to have stations that are connected to planets (like Space elevators) that just allow you to supply a planet with (huge) amounts of stuff based on population.

  22. I really didn't expect this much of a response, y'all are a bunch of nerds. I'll clean up the script a bit and put it on GitHub with a readme on how to run it, tomorrow or early next week.

  23. Pretty much. Compare him to Saru, who’s probably my favorite DIS character. The amount of personal growth he went through from the very beginning to the moment he took the captain’s chair (which he should’ve kept). Even his one appearance without prosthetics is nice

  24. I've been thinking recently about how Shadowkeep had some of the best lore books in the entire franchise- Aspect, Unveiling, Inquisition of the Damned, Last Days on Kraken Mare- and yet all of it has been completely ignored/retconned. It's such a shame.

  25. Last days on Kraken Mare is just incredibly good writing.

  26. Der Trick ist der: Sie schlagen dir absichtlich mal was „Dummes“ vor, damit du nicht merkst, dass der Algorithmus genau weiß was da kaufen willst/sollst.

  27. Trick? Das ist total dumm - bei der Fehlerquote ignoriere ich das Ding doch komplett. Halt ich für komplette Überschätzung.

  28. The Falx's maneuverability is just incredible, that's why I call it the 'biggest starfighter.' It's a player-bait ship, through and through. Also a hell of a lot more durable than the Katana.

  29. Sorry, I meant the cobra, the Split frigate

  30. I got into it about 6 months ago. You primarily need to enjoy resource gathering and building. You need to have almost zero diminishing returns on enjoyment.

  31. Every researcher (undergrads and up) in a research institution has to sign a contract that basically says any work they do belongs to the institution. This happens before they do any work, and is the primary way in which institutions protect their own IP.

  32. This is definitely not the case everywhere.

  33. Cursed child was so, so bad. Rowling in retrospect was never the most amazing writer, but cursed child was actually offensively bad.

  34. Does anyone actually hire those station NPCs? The cost scaling always seems completely unreasonable to me (with this guy being a particularly extreme example).

  35. Cheval de frise last week, moat and draw bridge this week.

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